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Decomp. 丩攵
Mandarin shōu
Entry Methods
Pinyin shou1
Kanji /
Sijiao 2874.0
CNS 11643 1-482D
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+6536
GB2312 CAD5
Level 4
 shōu to receive / to accept / to collect / to put away / to restrain / to stop / in care of (used on address line after name)
Results beginning with 收
 shōu cáng to hoard / to collect / collection / to bookmark (Internet)
 shōu rù to take in / income / revenue / CL:筆|笔[bi3],個|个[ge4]
 shōu fèi to charge a fee
 shōu dào to receive
 shōu jí to gather / to collect
 shōu gòu to purchase (from various places) / to acquire (a company)
 shōu yì earnings / profit
 shōu huò to harvest / to reap / to gain / crop / harvest / profit / gain / bonus / reward
 shōu qǔ to receive / to collect
 shōu lù to include (in a collection) / to put together (stories, poems etc) / to record / to employ / to recruit
 shōu shi to put in order / to tidy up / to pack / to repair / (coll.) to sort sb out / to fix sb
 shōu huí to regain / to retake / to take back / to withdraw / to revoke
 shōu kàn to watch (a TV program)
 shōu suō to pull back / to shrink / to contract / (physiology) systole
 shōu tīng to listen to (a radio broadcast)
 shōu pán market close
 shōu zhī cash flow / financial balance / income and expenditure
 shōu fā to receive and send / to receive and transmit
 shōu liǎn to dwindle / to vanish / to make vanish / to exercise restraint / to curb (one's mirth, arrogance etc) / to astringe / (math.) to converge
 shōu shì to watch TV
 shōu xià to accept / to receive
 shōu yǎng to take in and care for (an elderly person, a dog etc) / to adopt (a child) / adoption
 shōu jù receipt / CL:張|张[zhang1]
 shōu chǎng the end / an ending / to wind down / to conclude
 shōu liú to offer shelter / to have sb in one's care
 shōu jiǎo to recover (illegally obtained property) / to seize / to capture / to force sb to hand over sth / to levy
 shōu mǎi to purchase / to bribe
 shōu shòu to receive / to accept
 shōu jǐn to tighten up (restrictions etc)
 shōu fù to recover (lost territory etc) / to recapture
 shōu yín to receive payment
 shōu gē to harvest / to reap / to gather in crops
 shōu yīn to receive a radio signal / to make an audio recording / (of an auditorium etc) to have good acoustics / (vocal training, linguistics) ending (of a word or syllable)
 shōu róng to provide a place to stay / to house / to accommodate / (of an institution etc) to take in / to accept
 shōu xiào to yield results
 shōu wěi to wind up / to bring to an end / to finish
 shōu chéng harvest
 shōu gōng to stop work for the day (generally of laborers) / to knock off
 shōu guān final part of a go game (see 官子[guan1 zi3]) / endgame / to finish up / to come to the final stage
 shōu nà to receive / to accept / to take in / to hold
 shōu cún to receive for storage / delivery of goods / to gather and store / to store safely / safe keeping
 shōu fáng to take as a concubine
 shōu lǒng to draw to oneself / to gather up / to collect / to fold up (an umbrella, wings etc) / to assemble (a party of persons) / to rope in (some people)
 shōu biān to incorporate into one's troops / to weave in
 shōu bīng to retreat / to withdraw troops / to recall troops / fig. to finish work / to wind up / to call it a day / used with negatives: the task is far from over
 shōu yā in custody / to keep sb in detention
 shōu shuì to collect tax
 shōu huì foreign exchange collection (finance)
 shōu kǒu to cast off (in knitting) / to sew a finishing hem / to close up (of wound) / to heal
 shōu xīn to concentrate on the task / to curb one's evil instincts
 shōu lǐ to accept a gift / to receive presents
 shōu luó to gather (people) / to collect (talent) / to come to an end
 shōu tiáo receipt
 shōu jiān to imprison / to take into custody
 shōu qì received in full (goods, payment)
 shōu bào to receive mail / to receive a telegraph
 shōu cí to collect words / to harvest entries for a dictionary
 shōu dì to confiscate land for redistribution (China, 1947-52) / (of a government) to acquire land (with compensation)
 shōu dōng harvest season / autumn
 shōu fāng receiving party / recipient / debit side (of balance sheet), as opposed to credit side 付方[fu4 fang1]
 shōu fú variant of 收服[shou1 fu2]
 shōu fú to subdue / to force to capitulate / to reduce to submission / to soothe
 shōu jià (of holidays) to come to an end / end of a vacation
 shōu lǎn to win the support of / to get over to one's side / to keep control of
 shōu liè to list / to include
 shōu shēng (Cantonese) to stop talking / to shut up
 shōu shǒu to stop / to pull back
 shōu shù to constrict / to draw tight / to gather (one's thoughts) / to bring to a close / to pack (for a journey)
 shōu tuǒ (commerce) to have received (goods, money)
线 shōu xiàn to reel in (a fishing line etc) / to hang up the phone
 shōu xiàng receipt
 shōu xùn (wireless) reception
 shōu cáng jiā favorites folder (web browser)
 shōu yīn jī radio / CL:臺|台[tai2]
 shōu yì lu:4 earnings rate / earnings yield (finance)
 shōu huò rén consignee
 shōu shì lu:4 ratings (of a TV show)
 shōu yín tái checkout counter / cashier's desk
 shōu fèi zhàn tollbooth
 shōu pán jià closing price (of share, commodity etc)
 shōu cáng jiā a collector (e.g. of artworks)
 shōu jiàn rén recipient (of mail) / To: (email header)
 shōu jiàn xiāng inbox
 shōu róng suǒ temporary shelter / hospice / refuge (e.g. for animals) / detention center
 shōu lù jī radio-tape recorder
 shōu jí qì extraction scoop / scoop
 shōu yín jī cash register / check out counter
 shōu fā shì mail room / radio room (i.e. reception and transmission)
 shōu jí zhě collector
 shōu liǎn xìng convergence (math.) / astringent
 shōu kuǎn tái checkout counter / cashier's desk
  pick-up point (peace operations)
  Receiving and Storage Unit
 shōu bào jī telegraph receiver
 shōu bào rén recipient (of mail or a message)
 shōu bào shì mail room / radio reception room
 shōu bào yuán telegraph operator
 shōu cún xiāng delivery box / drop box
 shōu fèi zhàn garbage collection point / trash dump
 shōu gē zhě reaper
 shōu huò jié harvest festival
 shōu jiàn xiá inbox (email)
 shōu jiàn yuán Receiving Clerk
 shōu jí diǎn pick-up point (refuse)
 shōu lè sè garbage collection / household refuse collection
 shōu liú suǒ shelter / refuge
 shōu nǎi zhàn collecting centre
 shōu piào yuán ticket collector
 shōu róng rén inmate
 shōu shēng pó midwife
 shōu suō yā systolic blood pressure
 shōu wěi yīn final (i.e. final consonant or stop of some syllables in Asian phonetics)
 shōu yì biǎo income statement
 shōu yì rén beneficiary
 shōu rù chā jù income differential
 shōu fèi zhì duó charge-back
 shōu cán zhuì yì to gather and patch up sth that is badly damaged (idiom)
 shōu qí juǎn sǎn lit. to furl up flags and umbrellas (idiom) / fig. to stop what one is doing
 shōu zhī sāng yú see 失之東隅,收之桑榆|失之东隅,收之桑榆[shi1 zhi1 dong1 yu2 , shou1 zhi1 sang1 yu2]
  receipt voucher
  collective centre
  charging mechanism
  income smoothing
  off-setting income support
  scent trapping
  recovery policy
  loss of income
  yield spread
 shōu fā duǎn xìn to text / to receive and send SMS messages
 shōu fèi fù wù fee-for-service
 shōu fèi shōu rù fee-based income
 shōu fù shī dì to recover lost territory
 shōu gòu yāo yuē takeover bid
 shōu huò jì jié cropping season
 shōu huò xiǎo zǔ Receiving Team
 shōu jí qíng bào to gather intelligence
 shōu jí xì tǒng collecting system
 shōu jí yǔ shuǐ water harvesting
 shōu jí zhèng jù collection of evidence
 shōu liǎn fēng máng to draw in one's claws / to show some modesty
 shōu liǎn jí shù convergent series (math.)
 shōu liǎn xù liè convergent sequence (math.)
 shōu lǒng rén xīn to win people's hearts
 shōu róng jiào yù custody and reeducation (administrative punishment for prostitutes)
 shōu rù bō lí earnings stripping
 shōu rù pín qióng income poverty
 shōu rù xiàng mù income item
 shōu rù zhèng cè income policy
 shōu shi cán jú to clear up the mess / to pick up the pieces
 shōu yì zhàng hù income account (accountancy)
 xī shōu to absorb / to assimilate / to ingest / to recruit
 jiē shōu reception (of transmitted signal) / to receive / to accept / to admit / to take over (e.g. a factory) / to expropriate
 shuì shōu taxation
 huí shōu to recycle / to reclaim / to retrieve / to recover / to recall (a defective product)
 yàn shōu to inspect and accept / acceptance
 zhāo shōu to hire / to recruit
 mò shōu to confiscate / to seize
 yīng shōu (of a sum of money etc) receivable
 fēng shōu bumper harvest
 yíng shōu sales / income / revenue
 bào shōu (of a stock on the stock market) to close at (a certain price)
 qiān shōu to sign for the acceptance of sth (e.g. a delivery etc)
 jù shōu to reject / to refuse to accept
 chuàng shōu to generate revenue / extra income
 qiū shōu fall harvest / to reap
 shí shōu net receipts / real income
 zhēng shōu to levy (a fine) / to impose (a tariff)
 zhēng shōu levy
 qiàn shōu crop failure / poor harvest
 dài shōu to receive sth on another's behalf
 diǎn shōu to check sth and accept it
 lǐng shōu to accept (a favor) / to receive
 Wèi Shōu Wei Shou (506-572), writer and historian of Northern dynasty Qi 北齊|北齐[Bei3 Qi2], compiler of History of Wei of the Northern dynasties 魏書|魏书[Wei4 shu1]
 zhuó shōu to charge different prices according to the situation / to collect (items) as appropriate
 yuè shōu rù monthly income
 nián shōu rù annual income
 zǒng shōu rù gross income
 dī shōu rù low income
 jiē shōu qì receiver
 jiē shōu jī receiver / TV or radio receiver
 jìng shōu rù net income / net profit
 kě huí shōu recyclable
 xī shōu qì absorber vessel
  receiving and inspection report / R & I report
  warrant of seizure
 bèi mò shōu forfeit
 cǎi shōu lu:4 recovery ratio
 máo shōu rù gross income / gross profit
 xī shōu kù reservoir
 yàn shōu gǔ Receiving and Inspection Unit
 yàn shōu yuán Receiving and Inspections Clerk
 yóu huí shōu oil recovery
 yù shōu fèi prepayment
 zhēng shōu é levy
 zǒng shōu yì total profit / aggregate return
K吸 Kxī shōu xiàn K-absorption edge
 bù kě shōu shí irremediable / unmanageable / out of hand / hopeless
 yíng yè shōu rù revenue
 rén jūn shōu rù per capita income
 měi bù shèng shōu nothing more beautiful can be imagined (idiom)
  accounts receivable
 yīng shōu zhàng kuǎn accounts receivable
 guó jì shōu zhī balance of payments
 yīng shōu zhàng kuǎn accounts receivable
 huí shōu lì yòng recycling
 guó mín shōu rù measures of national income and output
  family income
 míng lì shuāng shōu both fame and fortune (idiom) / both virtue and reward
 shí shōu zī běn paid-in capital / contributed capital (finance)
 jiān shōu bìng xù incorporating diverse things (idiom) / eclectic / all-embracing
 hàn lào bǎo shōu to provide a stable crop, regardless of drought or flood / to bring a stable income
 zuò shōu yú lì benefit from others' dispute (idiom)
 cǎo cǎo shōu bīng to work vaguely then retreat (idiom) / sloppy and half-hearted / half-baked
 cǎo shuài shōu bīng to work vaguely then retreat (idiom) / sloppy and half-hearted / half-baked
 fù shuǐ nán shōu spilt water is difficult to retrieve (idiom) / it's no use crying over spilt milk / what's done is done and can't be reversed / the damage is done / once divorced, there's no reuniting
 míng jīn shōu jūn to beat the gong to recall troops (idiom) / to order a retreat
 pō shuǐ nán shōu water once spilt cannot be retrieved (idiom) / irreversible change
 Qiū shōu qǐ yì Autumn Harvest Uprising (1927), insurrection in Hunan and Jiangxi provinces led by Mao Zedong
  income generation programme
  (resource) recovery plant
  outstanding contribution
  forfeiture of proceeds
  contributions receivable
  mixed income
  outstanding contribution
  Future Harvest
  income-generating activity / income-producing activity / cash-generating activity
  received signal
  root uptake / radicular system absorption
  recovery tank / wrecker tank
  acid gas adsorption
  tainted money
  criminal forfeiture
  usable stock / standing crop
  investment earnings
  income generation capacity
  Receiving and Inspection Officer
  loss of income
  factor income
 bù qiú shōu huò not expecting any reward / not asking for favors
 cái chǎn shōu rù property income
 cǎo cǎo shōu chǎng to rush to conclude a matter / to end up abruptly
 chéng běn huí shōu cost recovery
 chí yǒu shōu yì holding gains
 chū kǒu shōu rù export revenue
 dài qì xī shōu atmospheric absorption
 dài shōu huò kuǎn collect on delivery (COD)
 dàn xī shōu huì nitrogen sink / nitrogen oxide sink / NOx sink
 dàn xī shōu kù nitrogen oxide reservoir
 dào lù shōu fèi road pricing
 dì yán shōu rù deferred income
 dì zū shōu rù rent income (esp. from arable land)
 fèi yòng huí shōu cost recovery
 gàng gǎn shōu gòu leveraged buyout (LBO)
 gōng chǎng yàn shōu acceptance of a plant
 gòng yuán shōu jí shot gather / common source gather / common shot gather / shotpoint gather
 guāng jiē shōu qì optical receiver
 gù dìng shōu rù fixed income
 hǎi yáng xī shōu oceanic absorption
 hé lǐ shōu yì fair returns
 hóng shuǐ shōu jí flood water harvesting
 huí shōu jià zhí recyclable value
 huí shōu zī jīn recovery funds
 jiàn hǎo jiù shōu to quit while one is ahead (idiom) / to know when to stop
 jiāo shōu biāo zhǔn acceptance criteria
 jìn shōu yǎn dǐ to take in the whole scene at once / to have a panoramic view
 jì shí shōu fèi time charge
 jī xiè shōu jí mechanical gathering
 kē lì wú shōu not a single grain was reaped (as in a bad harvest year)
 lā jī shōu jí garbage collection / household refuse collection
 liú cún shōu yì retained earnings
 míng jīn shōu bīng to beat the gong to recall troops (idiom) / to order a retreat
 mín shì shōu róng civil commitment
 néng yuán huí shōu energy recovery
 píng jūn shōu rù average income
 qiǎng pò shōu róng forced institutionalization
 qí tā shōu rù other income
 qǐ yè shōu rù entrepreneurial income
 quán zhū shōu huò complete-tree harvesting / total tree logging
 shuì shōu lòu dòng tax loophole
 shuì shōu qīng xiāo tax dumping
 shuì shōu zhǔ quán tax sovereignty
 shù jù shōu jí data collection
 xiàn jīn shōu rù cash receipt
 xī shōu jì liàng absorbed dose
 xī shōu néng lì absorbing ability
 xī shōu zhuāng zhì absorber vessel
 yǎng xī shōu huì oxygen sink
 yàn shōu cè shì acceptance test
 yè zhǔ shōu rù entrepreneurial income
 yǐ shōu juān kuǎn contributions received
 yù shōu shōu rù income received in advance
 yù suàn shōu rù budget revenue
 yú yè shōu huò fish harvesting
 zǎo qī shōu huò early harvest
 zá xiàng shōu rù miscellaneous income
 zhào dān quán shōu to accept without question / to take sth at face value
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