• classifier indicating a small amount or small number greater than 1: some, a few, several



  • 你想要那照片中的一吗?
    Would you like some of those pictures?
  • 我该带什么?
    What should I bring?
  • 我有同学喜欢排球,也有喜欢网球。
    Some of my classmates like volleyball and others enjoy tennis.
  • 是笔。
    These are pens.
  • 书是谁的?
    Whose books are these?
  • 我种了很多花,有是红色的,有是黄色的。
    I have a lot of flowers. Some are red and some are yellow.
  • 苹果宜于烹饪。
    These apples are good cookers.
  • 记录不对公众开放。
    Those records are not accessible to the public.
  • 用这钱你怎么来的?
    How did you come by this money?
  • 树是他们种的。
    These trees were planted by them.
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