• to emit
  • to give off
  • to send out (or up, forth)
  • to brave
  • to face
  • reckless
  • to falsely adopt (sb's identity etc)
  • to feign
  • (literary) to cover



  • 他喜欢险。
    He is fond of adventure.
  • 没有不烟的火。
    There is no fire without smoke.
  • 老师患了重感
    The teacher had a bad cold.
  • 这药治好了我的感
    This medicine cured me of my cold.
  • 他感了。
    He caught a cold.
  • 你有任何治感的东西吗?
    Do you have anything for a cold?
  • 我感了。
    I have a cold.
  • 我感了,昨天便在床上睡觉。
    I caught a cold and was in bed yesterday.
  • 著生命危险救了我的命。
    He saved my life at the risk of his own.
  • Jane感了一周才好。
    It was a week before Jane got over her cold.
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