• to write



  • 文章得很主观。
    His writing is very subjective.
  • 昨天我到很晚才去睡觉。
    Last night I went to bed late after writing a letter.
  • 下你名字的大字母。
    Write your name in capital letters.
  • “他昨天了一封信吗?“ “是的, 他了。“
    "Did he write a letter yesterday?" "Yes, he did."
  • 请用钢笔
    Please write with a pen.
  • 请您在这里
    Write it down here, please.
  • 你在信吗?
    Are you writing a letter?
  • 你在信吗?
    Are you writing a letter?
  • 别气馁,继续作吧。
    Keep a good heart and go on writing.
  • 请定期填
    Fill it with regular, please.
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