chéng jì


  • achievement
  • performance records
  • grades
  • CL:項|项[xiang4],個|个[ge4]



  • 他以优异的成绩毕业于剑桥大学。
    He graduated from Cambridge with honors.
  • 他数学得了一个好成绩
    He got a good grade in mathematics.
  • 我这个学期的成绩很差。
    I got terrible grades this term.
  • 她取得了优异的英语成绩
    She gets good marks in English.
  • 他并不怎么努力读书,但成绩却很好。
    He does not study hard, but does very well at school.
  • 你的英文成绩很好,不会被分派到这一班。
    Your English is too good to be in this class.
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