• to hang or suspend (from a hook etc)
  • to hang up (the phone)
  • (of a line) to be dead
  • to be worried or concerned
  • to make a phone call (dialect)
  • to register or record
  • classifier for sets or clusters of objects
  • (slang) to kill
  • to die
  • to be finished
  • to fail (an exam)



  • 墙壁上著一个时钟。
    There is a clock on the wall.
  • 这艘船著美国国旗。
    The ship was flying the American flag.
  • 她的脸上总是著开朗的微笑。
    She is always bright and smiling.
  • 她说再见的时候,脸上著笑容,但其实心中是十分难受的。
    She said good-bye with a smile, but there was a good deal of bitterness in her heart.
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