• to burn
  • to cook
  • to stew
  • to bake
  • to roast
  • to heat
  • to boil (tea, water etc)
  • fever
  • to run a temperature
  • (coll.) to let things go to one's head


  • 你退了吗?
    Has the fever gone down?
  • 昨天我发高
    Yesterday I had a high fever.
  • 十间房屋被毁了。
    Ten houses were burned down.
  • 老婆婆被死。
    An old woman was burnt to death.
  • 他怒火中
    He is boiling with rage.
  • 我们的学校被成了灰烬。
    Our school was reduced to ashes.
  • 今天上午我有一点儿发
    I had a little fever this morning.
  • 汤姆一打开电视,保险丝就了。
    No sooner had Tom turned on the TV than the fuse blew.
  • 我的喉咙好像被火一样。
    My throat burns.
  • 硫磺燃著蓝色的火焰。
    Sulfur burns with a blue flame.
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