• to leave out
  • to be missing
  • to leave behind or forget to bring
  • to lag or fall behind


  • 秋天秋叶
    Leaves fall in the autumn.
  • 小路上舖满了叶。
    Leaves lay thick in the lane.
  • 树叶在十月开始掉下来。
    Leaves begin to fall in October.
  • 这架客机降在东京了。
    The jet landed at Tokyo.
  • 逐字地翻译这个段
    Translate the passage word for word.
  • 起飞比降容易。
    Taking off is easier than landing.
  • 水面浮着一片葉。
    A fallen leaf floated on the surface of the water.
  • 一块岩石从上面下。
    A rock fell from above.
  • 我被每个人冷
    I was left out in the cold by everyone.
  • 坐在角的那个男人是谁?
    Who is the man sitting in the corner?
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