xié zi


  • shoe



  • 你在哪里买这双鞋子
    Where did you buy the shoes?
  • 这双鞋子太小了。
    These shoes are too small.
  • 她请求他们脱掉鞋子
    She asked them to take their shoes off.
  • 她裙子和鞋子的颜色很配。
    The color of her dress and that of her shoes go well together.
  • 我要红色的鞋子
    I wanted red shoes.
  • 她穿着白色的鞋子
    She had white shoes on.
  • 你的鞋子和衣服不合衬。
    Your shoes do not go with the suit.
  • 鞋子是一对一对的卖的。
    Shoes are sold in pairs.
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