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Decomp. 夕口
Mandarin míng
Entry Methods
Pinyin ming2
Kanji /
Sijiao 2760.0
Wubi QKF
CNS 11643 1-4758
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+540D
GB2312 C3FB
BIG5 A657
 míng name / noun (part of speech) / place (e.g. among winners) / famous / classifier for people
Results beginning with 名
 míng chēng name (of a thing) / name (of an organization)
 míng zi name (of a person or thing) / CL:個|个[ge4]
 míng dān list (of names)
 míng pái famous brand / nameplate / name tag
 míng lù directory
 míng rén personage / celebrity
 míng wéi to be called / to be known as
 míng piàn (business) card
 míng yì name / titular / nominal / in name / ostensible purpose
 míng jiào called / named
 míng cí noun
 míng jiā renowned expert / master (of an art or craft)
 míng shēng reputation
 míng yù fame / reputation / honor / honorary / emeritus (of retired professor)
 míng é quota / number of places / place (in an institution, a group etc)
 míng cì position in a ranking of names / place / rank
 míng shī famous master / great teacher
 míng mó top model
 míng shèng a place famous for its scenery or historical relics / scenic spot / CL:處|处[chu4]
 míng zhù masterpiece
 míng zhù masterpiece
 míng yán saying / famous remark
 míng liè to rank (number 1, or third last etc) / to be among (those who are in a particular group)
 míng qì reputation / fame
 míng xiào famous school
 míng jiàng famous general
 míng chéng famous city
 míng guì famous and valuable / rare / precious
 míng yī famous doctor
 míng lì fame and profit
 míng hào name / good reputation / title
 míng mén famous family / prestigious house
 míng qǔ famous song / well-known piece of music
 Míng shān famous mountain / Mingshan county in Ya'an 雅安[Ya3 an1], Sichuan
 míng liú gentry / celebrities
 míng yōu excellent quality / outstanding (product) / abbr. for 名牌優質|名牌优质 / (old) famous actor or actress
 míng zuò masterpiece / famous work
 míng tang item (in a program of entertainments) / trick (act of mischief) / worthwhile result / accomplishment / sth significant but not immediately apparent / sth more than meets the eye
 míng xià under sb's name
 míng huà famous painting
 míng biǎo famous watch (i.e. expensive brand of wristwatch)
 míng wàng renown / prestige
 míng cè roll (of names) / register / CL:本[ben3]
 míng shì famous scholar / worthy / celebrity, esp. distinguished literary person having no official post
 míng jù famous saying / celebrated phrase
 míng cài famous dishes / specialty dishes
 míng mù name / designation / item / rubric / (formal usage) fame
 míng jì famous courtesan
 míng fèn a person's status
 míng piān famous piece of writing
 míng jiǔ a famous wine
 míng zuǐ well-known commentator / talking head / pundit / prominent TV or radio host
 míng wén famous / of good reputation
 míng zhuàng to express / to describe
 míng jié reputation and integrity
 míng shí name and reality / how sth is portrayed and what it is actually like
 míng chǎn staple / name-brand product
 míng jué famous actor
 míng wèi fame and position / official rank
 míng líng famous actor or actress (Chinese opera)
 míng chén important official or statesman (in feudal China)
 míng cì visiting card / name card
 míng huì taboo name (e.g. of emperor)
 míng jí register of names / roll
 Míng jiān Mingjian or Mingchien township in Nantou county 南投縣|南投县[Nan2 tou2 xian4], central Taiwan
 Míng jué MG Motor (car manufacturer)
 míng qiān name tag
 míng r name / fame
 míng shǒu master / famous artist or sportsman
 míng shù (grammar) number plus classifier / household (in census)
 míng tiě name card / business card
 míng xián rank / title
 míng xiàng famous prime minister (in ancient China) / names and appearances (Buddhism)
 míng xué (archaic term) logic
 míng yuán young lady of note / debutante
 míng yuán origin of a name
 míng zǔ eponym
 míng yì shàng nominally
 míng rén lù record of famous men / anthology of biographies
 míng chēng quán copyright / rights to a trademark
 míng cí yuán terminologist
 Míng gǔ wū Nagoya, city in Japan
 míng huà jiā famous painter
 Míng jiān xiāng Mingjian or Mingchien township in Nantou county 南投縣|南投县[Nan2 tou2 xian4], central Taiwan
 míng jué r erhua variant of 名角[ming2 jue2]
 míng liàng cí nominal classifier (in Chinese grammar) / measure word applying mainly to nouns
 Míng lì chǎng Vanity Fair (novel and magazine title)
 Míng shān xiàn Mingshan county in Ya'an 雅安[Ya3 an1], Sichuan
 míng liè qián máo to rank among the best
 míng shèng gǔ jì historical sites and scenic spots
 míng yáng sì hǎi to become known far and wide (idiom) / famous
 míng lì shuāng shōu both fame and fortune (idiom) / both virtue and reward
 míng mù fán duō names of many kinds (idiom) / items of every description
 Míng shān dà chuān famous mountains and great rivers
 míng bù fù shí the name does not reflect the reality (idiom) / more in name than in fact / Reality does not live up to the name. / Excellent theory, but the practice does not bear it out.
 míng bù fú shí the name does not correspond to reality (idiom) / it doesn't live up to its reputation
 míng bù xū chuán lit. name is not in vain (idiom) / a fully justified reputation / enjoys a well-deserved reputation
 míng chuí qīng shǐ lit. reputation will go down in history (idiom) / fig. achievements will earn eternal glory
 míng cóng zhǔ rén named after (the original owner)
 míng cún shí wáng the name remains, but the reality is gone (idiom)
 míng fù qí shí not just in name only, but also in reality (idiom)
 míng jiāng lì suǒ lit. fettered by fame and locked up by riches (idiom) / tied down by reputation and wealth / the victim of one's own success
 míng luò sūn shān lit. to fall behind Sun Shan 孫山|孙山[Sun1 Shan1] (who came last in the imperial examination) (idiom) / fig. to fail an exam / to fall behind (in a competition)
 míng mǎn tiān xià world famous
 míng zào yī shí to achieve fame among one's contemporaries (idiom) / temporary or local celebrity
 míng zhèng yán shùn in a way that justifies the use of the term / genuine / proper / in a way that conforms to logic / justifiable / appropriate / perfectly legitimate
  Honorary Representative
 míng cè guǎn lǐ roster management
 míng chēng biāo qiān name tag
 míng chí xiá ěr To have one's fame spread far and wide. (idiom)
 míng cí zhù lǐ Terminology Assistant
 míng huā yǒu zhǔ the girl is already taken (idiom)
 míng lù fú wù name service
 míng mén wàng zú offspring a famous family (idiom) / good breeding / blue blood
 míng yì jià zhí nominal value
 míng yì zhàng hù nominal bank account
 míng yuán dòng cí denominal verb
 míng yù bó shì honorary doctorate / Doctor Honoris Causae
 míng yù jiào shòu emeritus professor / professor emeritus
 míng yù sǎo dì to be thoroughly discredited / to fall into disrepute
 míng yù shā rén honour killing
 míng yù xué wèi honorary degree / academic degree Honoris Causa
 míng zhòng shí àn of great reputation but shallow in knowledge (idiom)
 míng shī chū gāo tú A famous teacher trains a fine student (idiom). A cultured man will have a deep influence on his successors.
  nominal catch
  roster-based recruitment
 míng bù jiàn jīng zhuàn (lit.) name not encountered in the classics / unknown (person) / nobody
 míng cè hòu xuǎn rén roster candidate
 míng cí bàn shì yuán Terminology Clerk
 míng yì líng zēng zhǎng zero nominal growth
 míng bu zhèng yán bu shùn (of a title, degree etc) illegitimately conferred
 míng yù bó shì xué wèi honorary doctorate / Doctor Honoris Causae
  Nagoya International Conference
  Celebrities and Events Officer
  Terminology Coordination Board
  non-financial defined benefit
  non-financial defined contribution
  Honorary Advisory Committee
  Terminology and Technical Documentation Section
  Terminology and Reference Section
 míng yì jiǎo fèi què dìng xíng zhàng hù notional defined contribution account / notional account
  Terminology, References and Computer Aids to Translation Section
 xìng míng surname and given name / full name
 zhù míng famous / noted / well-known / celebrated
 bào míng to sign up / to enter one's name / to apply / to register / to enroll / to enlist
 yù míng domain name (computing)
 pái míng to rank (1st, 2nd etc) / ranking
 qiān míng to sign (one's name with a pen etc) / to autograph / signature
 zhī míng well-known / famous
 shū míng name of a book / reputation as calligrapher
 nì míng anonymous
 shí míng real-name (registration etc) / non-anonymous
 dà míng famous name / your distinguished name / one's formal personal name
 yǒu míng famous / well-known
 wú míng nameless / obscure
 mìng míng to give a name to / to dub / to christen / to designate / named after / naming
 mò míng indescribable / ineffable
 piān míng movie title
 wén míng well-known / famous / renowned / eminent
 tí míng to nominate
 gǎi míng to change one's name
 chéng míng to make one's name / to become famous
 tí míng autograph / to sign one's name
 bǐ míng pen name / pseudonym
 tóng míng of the same name / homonymous / self-titled (album)
 yuán míng original name
 yòu míng also known as / alternative name / to also be called
 chū míng well-known for sth / to become well known / to make one's mark
 gēng míng to change name
 zuì míng criminal charge / accusation
 pǐn míng name of product / brand name
 bié míng alias / alternative name
 yì míng translated names / transliteration
 shēng míng reputation / declaration
 huà míng to use an alias / assumed name / pseudonym
 qǔ míng to name / to be named / to christen / to seek fame
 dì míng place name / toponym
 dé míng to get one's name / named (after sth)
 shǔ míng to sign (a signature)
 diǎn míng roll call / to mention sb by name / (to call or praise or criticize sb) by name
 qǐ míng to name / to christen / to take a name
 chí míng famous
 shèng míng famous reputation
 rén míng personal name
 gōng míng scholarly honor (in imperial exams) / rank / achievement / fame / glory
 zhǐ míng to mention by name / to designate / designated
 yáng míng to become famous / to become notorious
 běn míng original name / real name / personal name
 lián míng jointly (signed, declared, sponsored)
 wēi míng fame for fighting prowess / military glory
 xū míng false reputation
 mù míng to admire sb's reputation / to seek out famous person or location
 xiǎo míng pet name for a child / childhood name
 dìng míng to name (sth)
 xué míng scientific name / Latin name (of plant or animal) / (according to an old system of nomenclature) on entering school life, a formal personal name given to new students
 qí míng equally famous
 měi míng good name or reputation
 zhèng míng to replace the current name or title of sth with a new one that reflects its true nature / rectification of names (a tenet of Confucian philosophy)
 chú míng to strike off (the rolls) / to remove from a list / to expunge / to expel
 è míng bad name / evil reputation
 yīng míng illustrious name / legendary reputation
 wèi míng unnamed / unidentified
 guó míng name of country
 jiǎ míng false name / pseudonym / alias / pen name / the Japanese kana scripts / hiragana 平假名[ping2 jia3 ming2] and katakana 片假名[pian4 jia3 ming2]
 yì míng stage name (of an actor or actress)
 mà míng infamy / blackened name
 sú míng vernacular name / lay name (of a priest)
 zhòng míng renowned / a great name
 rǔ míng pet name for a child / infant name
 huā míng name of a person on the household register (old) / name on a roster / professional name of a prostitute / pseudonym / nickname
 mào míng an impostor / to impersonate
 jù míng to sign / to put one's name to
 fǎ míng name in religion (of Buddhist or Daoist within monastery) / same as 法號|法号[fa3 hao4]
 guān míng name of job in Imperial bureaucracy / official position
 xiàn míng name of county
 wū míng bad reputation / stigma
 xíng míng criminal law (abbr. for pre-Han legalist school 刑名之学) / name of crime
 chàng míng solfege
 zhuān míng proper noun
  usual name
 chuán míng spreading fame
 gāo míng renown / fame
 huì míng taboo name / name of deceased
 hú míng (old) to seal an examinee's name on the examination paper to prevent fraud
 hùn míng nickname
 jì míng adopted name / to take a name (of one's adoptive family)
 jiù míng former name
 kē míng rank obtained in the imperial examinations / scholarly honors
 kōng míng vacuous reputation / name without substance / in name only / so-called
 lìng míng good name / reputation
 mái míng to conceal one's identity / to live incognito
 Mào míng Maoming prefecture-level city in Guangdong
 nǎi míng pet name for a child / infant name
 rì míng Japanese name or placename
 Shì míng "Shiming", late Han dictionary, containing 1502 entries, using puns on the pronunciation of headwords to explain their meaning
 tōng míng common noun / generic term / to introduce oneself
 tóu míng first place / leader (of a race)
 wàn míng all names
 wèn míng to enquire, according to custom, after the name and horoscope of intended bride / one of a set of six traditional marriage protocols (六禮|六礼), in which name as well as date and time of birth (for horoscope) are formally requested of the prospective bride's family
 xiǎng míng to enjoy a reputation
 xīng míng star name
 yì míng anonymous (author)
 yīng míng nominally / in name only
 yīn míng names of the notes of a musical scale (e.g. C, D, E or do, re, mi)
 yòng hù míng username / user ID
 zhī míng dù reputation / profile / familiarity in the public consciousness
 hēi míng dān blacklist / list of proscribed people (books etc)
 dài míng cí pronoun / synonym / byword
 bào míng biǎo application form / registration form / CL:張|张[zhang1]
 wú míng zhǐ ring finger
 bào míng fèi registration fee
 shí míng zhì system for identifying users (on a rail network, the Internet etc)
 shāng pǐn míng trade name
 zhǔ jī míng hostname (of a networked computer)
 wú jì míng (of a document) not bearing a name / unregistered (financial securities etc) / bearer (bond) / secret (ballot etc) / anonymous / unattributed (remarks) / (of a check) payable to the bearer
 chéng míng zuò work that makes one's name
 pái míng bǎng ranking / ordered list / top 20 / roll of honor / to come nth out of 100
 wèi mìng míng untitled / unnamed / no name / nameless / unknown name
  right of signature
 dòng míng cí gerund
 shāng biāo míng trade name
 piàn jiǎ míng katakana (Japanese script)
 bù míng yù disreputable / disgraceful
 píng jiǎ míng hiragana (Japanese script)
 shū míng hào Chinese guillemet 《》(punct. used for names of books etc)
  whitelist (n)
 bái míng dān whitelist
 bù jì míng see 無記名|无记名[wu2 ji4 ming2]
 bù míng shù abstract number
 Dài Míng shì Dai Mingshi (1653-1713), early Qing writer
 Dà míng xiàn Daming county in Handan 邯鄲|邯郸[Han2 dan1], Hebei
 de míng xué toponym
 dēng jì míng to register one's name / account name (on a computer)
 diǎn míng cè register of names / attendance roll book
 dú cǎo míng hemlock
 è míng r erhua variant of 惡名|恶名[e4 ming2]
 èr míng fǎ binomial nomenclature (taxonomy) / same as 雙名法|双名法[shuang1 ming2 fa3]
 guǐ míng tang dirty trick / monkey business
 hùn míng r erhua variant of 混名[hun4 ming2]
 Mào míng shì Maoming prefecture-level city in Guangdong province
 mìng míng fǎ nomenclature
 mìng míng rì name day (tradition of celebrating a given name on a certain day of the year)
 pái míng biǎo league table / roll of honor
 qǐ míng r erhua variant of 起名[qi3 ming2]
 shuāng míng fǎ binomial nomenclature (taxonomy)
 wú míng shì anonymous (e.g. author, donor etc)
 yīng míng r erhua variant of 應名|应名[ying1 ming2]
 zhōng jiān míng middle name / second given name
 zhuān míng cí proper noun
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