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Decomp. 女子
Mandarin hǎo; hào
Entry Methods
Pinyin hao3; hao4
Kanji /
Sijiao 4744.7
Wubi VBG
CNS 11643 1-476F
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+597D
GB2312 BAC3
Level 1
Results for 好
 hǎo good / well / proper / good to / easy to / very / so / (suffix indicating completion or readiness) / (of two people) close / on intimate terms / (after a personal pronoun) hello
 hào to be fond of / to have a tendency to / to be prone to
Results beginning with 好
 hǎo xiàng as if / to seem like
 hǎo yǒu close friend / pal / (social networking website) friend / CL:個|个[ge4]
 hǎo xiàng to seem / to be like
 hǎo hǎo well / carefully / nicely / properly
 hǎo duō many / quite a lot / much better
 hǎo píng favorable criticism / positive evaluation
 hǎo chu benefit / advantage / gain / profit / also pr. [hao3 chu4] / CL:個|个[ge4]
 hǎo kàn good-looking / nice-looking / good (of a movie, book, TV show etc) / embarrassed / humiliated
 hào qí inquisitive / curious / inquisitiveness / curiosity
 hǎo jiǔ quite a while
 hǎo jǐ several / quite a few
 hào shì to be meddlesome
 hǎo shì good action, deed, thing or work (also sarcastic, "a fine thing indeed") / charity / happy occasion / Daoist or Buddhist ceremony for the souls of the dead
 hào wán to be playful / to be fond of one's fun
 hǎo wán amusing / fun / interesting
 hǎo tīng pleasant to hear
 hǎo zài luckily / fortunately
 hǎo chī tasty / delicious
 hào chī to be fond of eating / to be gluttonous
 hǎo sì to seem / to be like
 hǎo xiào laughable / funny / ridiculous
 hǎo xīn kindness / good intentions
 hǎo gǎn good opinion / favorable impression
 hǎo yòng useful / serviceable / effective / handy / easy to use
 hǎo zhuǎn to improve / to take a turn for the better / improvement
 hǎo yùn good luck
 hǎo huài good or bad / good and bad / standard / quality
 hǎo xiē a good deal of / quite a lot
 hǎo yì good intention / kindness
 hǎo bù not at all ... / how very ...
 hào sè to want sex / given to lust / lecherous / lascivious / horny
 hǎo shuō easy to deal with / not a problem / (polite answer) you flatter me
 hǎo dǎi good and bad / most unfortunate occurrence / in any case / whatever
 hǎo qì to be happy / to be in a good mood
 hǎo guò to have an easy time / (feel) well
 hǎo hàn hero / strong and courageous person / CL:條|条[tiao2]
 hǎo bǐ to be just like / can be compared to
 hǎo shǒu expert / professional
 hǎo shēng (dialect) very / quite / properly / well / thoroughly
 hào xué eager to study / studious / erudite
 hǎo shòu feeling better / to be more at ease
 hǎo huà friendly advice / words spoken on sb's behalf / a good word / kind words / words that sound fine but are not followed up with actions
 hào qiáng eager to be first
 hào dòng active / restless / energetic
 hǎo bàng excellent (interjection)
 hào shèng eager to win / competitive / aggressive
 hào kè hospitality / to treat guests well / to enjoy having guests / hospitable / friendly
 hǎo xiǎn to have a close call / to have a narrow escape
 hǎo hē tasty (drinks)
使 hǎo shǐ easy to use / to function well / so that / in order to
 hǎo wā hurray! / hurrah! / yippee!
 hǎo zǒu bon voyage / Godspeed
 hào zhàn warlike
 hào wù lit. likes and dislikes / preferences / taste
 hǎo jì easy to remember
 hǎo qiú (ball sports) good shot! / nice hit! / well played!
 Hǎo shí Hershey's (brand)
 hǎo rě accommodating / easy to push around
 hào dòu to be warlike / to be belligerent
 hǎo mìng lucky / blessed with good fortune
 hǎo shuì good night
 hào biàn argumentative / quarrelsome
 hǎo dào don't tell me ... / could it be that...?
 hǎo dì good-looking (Cantonese)
 hǎo kāng benefit / advantage
 hǎo niǎo person of good character / nice person / bird with a melodious voice or beautiful plumage
 hǎo qù bon voyage / Godspeed
 hǎo wù fine goods
 hǎo yán kind words
 hào yǎng aerobic
 hǎo bu hǎo (coll.) all right? / OK?
 Hǎo lái wù Hollywood
 hào qí xīn interest in sth / curiosity / inquisitive
 hǎo yì si to have the nerve / what a cheek! / to feel no shame / to overcome the shame / (is it) proper? (rhetorical question)
 hǎo qǐ lai to get better / to improve / to get well
 hǎo bàn tiān most of the day
 hǎo zhǔ yi good idea
 hǎo róng yì with great difficulty / to have a hard time (convincing sb, relinquishing sth etc)
 hǎo yàng de (idiom) a good person, used to praise sb's moral integrity or courage
 hǎo jiā huo my God! / oh boy! / man!
 hǎo duān duān perfectly all right / without rhyme or reason
 Hǎo yòu duō Trust-Mart (supermarket chain)
 hào shì zhě busybody / CL:個|个[ge4]
 Hǎo wàng Jiǎo Cape of Good Hope
 hǎo wán r interesting / delightful / amusing
 hǎo hāo r in good condition / perfectly good / carefully / well / thoroughly
 hǎo jǐ nián several years
 Hǎo lì kè Horlicks milk drink (popular in Hong Kong)
 hǎo pà de worthy of being afraid of
 hǎo péng you good friend / (slang) a visit from Aunt Flo (menstrual period)
 Hǎo shì duō Costco (warehouse club chain)
 hǎo yùn fú good luck charm
 hǎo bù róng yì with great difficulty / very difficult
 hǎo jiǔ bu jiàn long time no see
 hào zhěng yǐ xiá to be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time (idiom)
 hǎo zì wéi zhī to do one's best / to shape up / to behave / to fend for oneself / you're on your own
 hào chī lǎn zuò happy to partake but not prepared to do any work (idiom) / all take and no give
 hào yì wù láo to love ease and comfort and hate work (idiom)
 hǎo shì duō mó the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks (idiom)
 hào sè zhī tú lecher / womanizer / dirty old man
 hào dà xǐ gōng to rejoice in grandiose deeds / to strive to achieve extraordinary things
 hǎo shuō dǎi shuō to try one's very best to persuade sb (idiom) / to reason with sb in every way possible
 hǎo rén hǎo shì admirable people and exemplary deeds
 hǎo hǎo xiān sheng Mr Goody-goody / yes-man (sb who agrees with anything)
 hào gāo wù yuǎn to bite off more than one can chew (idiom) / to aim too high
 hǎo jiǔ tān bēi good wine taken in excess (idiom) / fond of the bottle
 hǎo mèng nán chéng a beautiful dream is hard to realize (idiom)
 hào qí shàng yì to have a taste for the exotic (idiom)
 hào shì zhī tú busybody
 hào wéi rén shī to like to lecture others (idiom)
 Hǎo bīng Shuài kè The Good Soldier Švejk (Schweik), satirical novel by Czech author Jaroslav Hašek (1883-1923)
 hǎo haor1 de properly / thoroughly
 hǎo jǐng bù cháng a good thing doesn't last forever (idiom)
 hǎo jù hǎo sàn to part without hard feelings (idiom) / to cut the knot as smoothly as you tied it
 hǎo qì wàn qiān deliriously happy (idiom)
 hǎo yán hǎo yǔ kind words / sweet talk / coaxing manner
 hǎo fàn bù pà wǎn the meal is remembered long after the wait is forgotten / the good things in life are worth waiting for
 hǎo jiǔ chén wèng dǐ lit. the best wine is at the bottom of the jug (idiom) / fig. the best is saved for last
 hǎo nán bù gēn nu:3 dòu a real man doesn't fight with womenfolk (idiom)
 hǎo xì hái zài hòu tou the best part of the show is yet to come / (with ironic tone) the worst is yet to come / you ain't seen nothin' yet
 hǎo hàn bù chī yǎn qián kuī a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him (idiom)
 hǎo le chuāng bā wàng le tòng see 好了傷疤忘了疼|好了伤疤忘了疼[hao3 le5 shang1 ba1 wang4 le5 teng2]
 hǎo gù shi bǎi tīng bù yàn The story is so good it's worth hearing a hundred times. / One never tires of hearing good new.
 hǎo hàn bù tí dāng nián yǒng a real man doesn't boast about his past achievements (idiom)
 hǎo hàn zuò shì hǎo hàn dāng daring to act and courageous enough to take responsibility for it (idiom) / a true man has the courage to accept the consequences of his actions / the buck stops here
 hǎo le shāng bā wàng le téng to forget past pains once the wound has healed (idiom)
 hǎo mǎ bù chī huí tóu cǎo lit. a good horse doesn't come back to the same pasture (idiom) / fig. one should not go back to one's past experiences (of love, job etc)
 hào qí huì chī kǔ tou de Curiosity killed the cat.
 hǎo sǐ bù rú lài huó zhe better a bad life than a good death (idiom)
  Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd
 hǎo hàn zuò shì , hǎo hàn dāng daring to act and courageous enough to take responsibility for it / a true man has the courage to accept the consequences of his actions / the buck stops here
 hǎo jì xìng bù rú làn bǐ tóu the palest ink is better than the best memory (idiom)
 hǎo xīn dào zuò le lu:2 gān fēi lit. to mistake good intentions for a donkey's liver and lungs (idiom) / fig. to mistake good intentions for ill intent
 hǎo hǎo xué xí , tiān tiān xiàng shàng study hard and every day you will improve (idiom)
 hǎo jiè hǎo huán , zài jiè bù nán see 有借有還,再借不難|有借有还,再借不难 / [you3 jie4 you3 huan2 , zai4 jie4 bu4 nan2]
 hǎo shì bù chū mén , è shì chuán qiān lǐ lit. good deeds do not go beyond the door, evil deeds spread a thousand miles / a good deed goes unnoticed, but scandal spreads fast (idiom)
 hào xué jìn hu zhī , lì xíng jìn hu rén , zhī chǐ jìn hu yǒng to love learning is akin to knowledge, to study diligently is akin to benevolence, to know shame is akin to courage (Confucius)
 hào xué jìn hū zhī , lì xíng jìn hū rén , zhī chǐ jìn hū yǒng to love learning is akin to knowledge, to study diligently is akin to benevolence, to know shame is akin to courage (Confucius)
 hěn hǎo well
 bù hǎo no good
 liáng hǎo good / favorable / well / fine
 zuì hǎo best / (you) had better (do what we suggest)
 gèng hǎo better / more
 zhǐ hǎo without any better option / to have to / to be forced to
 měi hǎo beautiful / fine
 nǐ hǎo hello / hi
 zhèng hǎo just (in time) / just right / just enough / to happen to / to chance to / by chance / it just so happens that
 hái hǎo not bad / tolerable / fortunately
 nín hǎo hello (polite)
 jiào hǎo better
 ài hào to like / to take pleasure in / keen on / fond of / interest / hobby / appetite for / CL:個|个[ge4]
 yǒu hǎo friendly / amicable / close friend
 kàn hǎo optimistic (about the outcome) / bullish / to think highly of / to support
 gāng hǎo just / exactly / to happen to be
 xìng hǎo fortunately
 gǎo hǎo to do well at / to do a good job
 yào hǎo to be on good terms / to be close friends / striving for self-improvement
 xǐ hào to like / fond of / to prefer / to love / one's tastes / preference
 qià hǎo as it turns out / by lucky coincidence / (of number, time, size etc) just right
 tǐng hǎo very good
 lì hǎo favorable / good / advantage
 tǎo hǎo to get the desired outcome / to win favor by fawning on sb / to curry favor with / a fruitful outcome to reward one's labor
 wán hǎo intact / in good condition
 bàn hǎo to manage well
 zhì hǎo to cure
 jí hǎo fabulous / superb / excellent
 zài hǎo even better
 shuō hǎo to come to an agreement / to complete negotiations
 xué hǎo to follow good examples
 shì hào hobby / indulgence / habit / addiction
 jiào hǎo to applaud / to cheer
 shàng hǎo first-rate / top-notch
 kě hǎo good or not? / luckily / fortuitously
 wèn hǎo to say hello to / to send one's regards to
 xiū hǎo to repair (sth broken) / to restore (sth damaged) / to establish friendly relations with / (literary) to do meritorious deeds
 piān hào to prefer / to be partial to sth / preference
 hé hǎo to become reconciled / on good terms with each other
 mǎi hǎo to ingratiate oneself
 tóng hào fellow enthusiasts
 xiāng hǎo to be intimate / close friend / paramour
 ān hǎo safe and sound / well
 chōng hǎo to substitute shoddy goods
 pǐ hào an urge / a craving / an addiction
 zhuǎn hǎo improvement / turnaround (for the better)
 qíng hǎo bright and sunny weather
 jiù hǎo old friendship
 Fù Hǎo Fu Hao (c. 1200 BC), or Lady Hao, female Chinese general of the late Shang Dynasty 商朝[Shang1 chao2]
 guà hǎo to hang up properly (telephone, picture, clothes etc)
 shì hǎo to express goodwill / to be friendly
 xíng hǎo to be charitable / to do a good deed
 zhì hǎo best friend
 zhù hǎo wish you all the best! (when signing off on a correspondence)
 zuò hǎo to sit properly / to sit up straight
 ài hào zhě lover (of art, sports etc) / amateur / enthusiast / fan
 dà jiā hǎo Hi everybody !
 bù hǎo kàn unattractive / sore sight
 hěn hǎo kàn very
 gǎo bu hǎo (coll.) maybe / perhaps
 nǐ hǎo ma How are you? / Are you well?
 zǎo shang hǎo Good morning!
 wǎn shàng hǎo Good evening!
 bù hǎo rě not to be trifled with / not to be pushed around / stand no nonsense
 lǎo hǎo rén one who tries never to offend anybody
 Yuán Hào wèn Yuan Haowen (1190-1257), famous poet Northern China during the Jin-Yuan transition
 bù tài hǎo not so good / not too well
 zǒu hǎo yùn to experience good luck
  sexual favour
  Legion of Good Will
 ān hǎo xīn to have good intentions
 bù hǎo shòu unpleasant / hard to take
 bù hǎo shuō hard to say / unpleasant to say / can't be sure
 làn hǎo rén sb who tries to be on good terms with everyone
 làn hǎo rén sb who tries to be on good terms with everyone
 tài hǎo le very good
 wú hǎo dì unattractive (Cantonese) / Mandarin equivalent: 不好看[bu4 hao3 kan4]
 xìng piān hào sexual preference
 xīn yǎn hǎo well-intentioned / good-natured / kindhearted
 yǒu hǎo chù advantageous / a plus / good for / advisable / helpful
 Yǒu hǎo qū Youhao district of Yichun city 伊春市[Yi1 chun1 shi4], Heilongjiang
 bù hǎo yì si to feel embarrassed / to find it embarrassing / to be sorry (for inconveniencing sb)
 zhǔn bèi hǎo le to be ready
 qià dào hǎo chù it's just perfect / it's just right
 qīn péng hǎo yǒu friends and family / kith and kin
 bù zhī hǎo dǎi unable to differentiate good from bad (idiom) / not to know what's good for one / unable to recognize others' good intentions
 huā hǎo yuè yuán lit. lovely flowers, round moon (idiom) / fig. everything is wonderful / perfect happiness / conjugal bliss
 jié shēn zì hào clean-living and honest (idiom) / to avoid immorality / to shun evil influence / to mind one's own business and keep out of trouble / to keep one's hands clean
 bǎi nián hǎo hé may you live a long and happy life together (wedding greeting)
 yán guī yú hǎo to become reconciled / to bury the hatchet
 Yè Gōng hào lóng lit. Lord Ye's passion for dragons (idiom) / fig. to pretend to be fond of sth while actually fearing it / ostensible fondness of sth one really fears
绿 lu:4 lín hǎo hàn true hero of Greenwood (refers to popular hero in Robin Hood style)
 jí gōng hào yì public-spirited
 bù shí hǎo dǎi unable to tell good from bad (idiom) / undiscriminating
 chóng xiū jiù hǎo to make friends again / to renew old cordial relations
 dǔ xìn hào xué sincere belief and diligent study
 ē qí suǒ hào to pander to sb's whims
 gè yǒu suǒ hào everyone has their likes and dislikes (idiom)
 gōng zhū tóng hào to share pleasure in the company of others (idiom) / shared enjoyment with fellow enthusiasts
 lè shàn hào shī kind and charitable
 tóu qí suǒ hào to adapt to sb's taste / to fit sb's fancy
 wán hǎo wú quē in perfect condition / without any defect
 yóu shǒu hào xián to idle about
 zhēng qiáng hào shèng competitive / ambitious and aggressive / to desire to beat others
 zǒng jiǎo zhī hǎo childhood friend (idiom)
 zuò hǎo zuò dǎi to persuade using all possible arguments (idiom) / to act good cop and bad cop in turn
  good practices
  son preference
  good behavior
  good behavior
 bù ān hǎo xīn to have bad intentions
怀 bù huái hǎo yì to harbor evil designs / to harbor malicious intentions
 bù wèn hǎo dǎi no matter what may happen (idiom)
 fā hǎo rén kǎ (slang) to reject sb (by labeling them a "nice guy")
 fèng cheng tǎo hǎo to curry favor / to get the desired outcome by flattery
 hé hǎo rú chū to bury the hatchet / to become reconciled
 jiàn hǎo jiù shōu to quit while one is ahead (idiom) / to know when to stop
 pīn mìng tǎo hǎo to throw oneself at sb or sth / to bend over backwards to help
 qiú hǎo xīn qiè to demand the highest standards of sb (or oneself) (idiom) / to strive to achieve the best possible results / to be a perfectionist
 rú qí suǒ hào as one pleases (idiom)
 shén me hǎo shuō sth pertinent to say
 shí hǎo shí huài sometimes good, sometimes bad
 tǎo hǎo mài guāi to curry favor by showing obeisance (idiom)
 wán hǎo rú chū intact / untouched / as good as before
 wán hǎo wú sǔn in good condition / undamaged / intact
 xī zhēng hé hǎo lit. break of a struggle and become reconciled / to bury the hatchet (idiom)
 xū xīn hào xué modest and studious (idiom)
 yǎn shén bù hǎo to have poor eyesight
 yā zhòu hǎo xì see 壓軸戲|压轴戏[ya1 zhou4 xi4]
 yī bǎ hǎo shǒu expert / dab hand
 yīng xióng hǎo hàn heroes
 yǒu hǎo chéng shì Twinned Towns
访 yǒu hǎo fǎng wèn friendly visit
 yǒu hǎo guān xì good relations
 yǒu hǎo jiě jué friendly settlement / amicable resolution
 yǒu hào qí xīn curious
 yuè kuài yuè hǎo the faster the better
 zài hǎo bù guò couldn't be better / ideal / wonderful
 zuì hǎo lì zhèng best example
 zuò hǎo zhǔn bèi to prepare / to make adequate preparation
 chī lì bù tǎo hǎo arduous and thankless task (idiom) / strenuous and unrewarding
 yè yú ài hǎo zhě hobbyist / amateur
 yè yú ài hào zhě hobbyist / amateur
 cháng yán shuō de hǎo as the saying goes / as they say...
  building back better
 fèi lì bù tǎo hǎo arduous and thankless task (idiom) / strenuous and unrewarding
 rén gè yǒu suǒ hào everyone has their likes and dislikes / there is no accounting for taste / chacun son goût
 shēng tài yǒu hǎo xíng eco-friendly / ecologically sustainable
 Zhōng guó Hǎo Shēng yīn The Voice of China, PRC reality talent show
  Good Agricultural Practice
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