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Decomp. 石皮
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Pinyin po4
Kanji /
Sijiao 1464.7
CNS 11643 1-5722
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+7834
GB2312 C6C6
Level 4
 pò broken / damaged / worn out / lousy / rotten / to break, split or cleave / to get rid of / to destroy / to break with / to defeat / to capture (a city etc) / to expose the truth of
Results beginning with 破
 pò huài destruction / damage / to wreck / to break / to destroy
 pò jiě to break (a bond, constraint etc) / to explain / to unravel / to decipher / to decode / to crack (software)
 pò chǎn to go bankrupt / to become impoverished / bankruptcy
 pò suì to smash to pieces / to shatter
 pò liè to rupture / to fracture / to break down / (linguistics) plosion
 pò zhàn hole or tear in cloth / mistake or gap in a speech or theory
 pò làn worn-out / rotten / dilapidated / tattered / ragged / rubbish / junk
 pò miè to be shattered / to be annihilated (of hope, illusions etc)
 pò jiù shabby
 pò huò to uncover (a criminal plot) / to break open and capture
 pò mén to burst or force open a door / to excommunicate sb (from the Roman Catholic Church) / to score a goal (in football, hockey etc)
 pò sǔn to become damaged
 pò àn to solve a case / shabby old table
 pò chú to eliminate / to do away with / to get rid of
 pò yì to break a code / to crack a riddle / to solve an enigma / a breakthrough
 pò lì to make an exception
 pò tǔ to break ground / to start digging / to plough / to break through the ground (of seedling) / fig. the start of a building project
 pò bài to defeat / to crush (in battle) / beaten / ruined / destroyed / in decline
 pò gé to break the rule / to make an exception
 pò xiǎo daybreak / dawn
 pò bīng to break the ice / groundbreaking (in relations)
 pò cái bankrupt / to suffer financial loss
 pò bù rag
 pò dòng a hole
 pò fèi to spend (money or time)
 pò làng to set sail / to brave the waves
 pò kǒu tear or rupture / to have a tear (e.g. in one's clothes) / without restraint (e.g. of swearing)
 pò xié broken shoes / worn-out footwear / loose woman / slut
 pò jiè to violate a religious precept / to smoke or drink after giving up
 pò chǔ to break the hymen / to lose virginity
 pò piàn fragment / shard
 pò guā (of a girl) to lose one's virginity / to deflower a virgin / to reach the age of 16 / (of a man) to reach the age of 64
  break the blind (v.)
 pò bì dilapidated wall / to break through a wall / (fig.) to break through / (biotechnology) to disrupt cell walls / cell disruption
 pò bì shabby / damaged
 pò chāo to spend money
 pò dǎn to be scared stiff
 pò dì to hit the target / (fig.) to hit the nail on the head
 pò dú pronunciation of a character other than the standard / lit. broken reading
 pò gěng (Tw) to mention sth meant to be kept as a surprise / spoiler
 pò guān to solve or overcome (a difficult problem) / to beat (a video game)
 pò jiā to destroy one's family
 pò jìng broken mirror / fig. broken marriage / divorce
 pò jú to collapse (of plan, talks etc)
 pò kāi to split / to cut open
 pò quē breaking
 pò shēn to lose one's virginity
 pò shì trivial matter / trifle / annoying thing
 pò tí writing style in which the main subject is approached directly from the outset / opposite of 冒題|冒题[mao4 ti2]
 pò wáng to die out / conquered
 pò xiàng (of facial features) to be marred by a scar etc / to disfigure / to make a fool of oneself
 pò yán to break into a smile / (of flowers) to open
 pò yǒng to emerge from a pupa (of a butterfly etc)
 pò yuē to break a promise
 pò tiān huāng unprecedented / for the first time / never before / first ever
 pò suì jī crusher
 pò huài xìng destructive
 pò huài lì destructive force
 pò jì lù to break a record / record-breaking
 pò chǎn fǎ bankruptcy
 pò shāng fēng tetanus (lockjaw)
 pò zhé hào dash / Chinese dash ── / (punct., double the length of the western dash)
 pò bīng chuán ice breaker
  shrapnel mine
 pò bīng jiàn ice breaker
 pò chǎn zhě bankrupt person
 pò jiǎ dàn armor piercing shell
 pò jiě bǎn cracked version (of software)
 pò sì jiù Destroy the Four Olds (campaign of the Cultural Revolution)
 pò tǐ zi non-standard or corrupted form of a Chinese character
 pò yīn zì character with two or more readings / character where different readings convey different meanings (Tw)
 pò kǒu dà mà to abuse roundly
 pò fǔ chén zhōu lit. to break the cauldrons and sink the boats (idiom) / fig. to cut off one's means of retreat / to burn one's boats
 pò tì wéi xiào to turn tears into laughter (idiom) / to turn grief into happiness
 pò jìng chóng yuán a shattered mirror put back together (idiom) / (of marriage) to pick up the pieces and start anew / for a separated couple to reconcile and reunite
 pò jiù lì xīn to get rid of the old to bring in the new (idiom) / to innovate
 pò chú mí xìn to eliminate superstition (idiom)
 pò dǎn hán xīn to be scared out of one's wits
 pò guàn pò shuāi lit. to smash a cracked pot (idiom) / crazy despair in the face of a blemish, defect, error or setback
 pò mén ér rù to break the door down and enter (idiom)
 pò zhàn bǎi chū lit. one hundred splits (idiom) / fig. full of mistakes (of speech or written article)
 pò zhú jiàn líng lit. smash bamboo, overturn water tank (idiom) / fig. irresistible force
 pò zhú zhī shì lit. a force to smash bamboo (idiom) / fig. irresistible force
  breach of the peace
  wrecking move
  insolvency estate
  insolvency court
  ballot tampering / vote tampering
  demolition fire
  infringement of the law
 pò bài bù kān crushed / utterly defeated
 pò bīng xíng shǒu icebreaker bow
 pò cái miǎn zāi a financial loss may prevent disaster (idiom)
 pò chǎn chéng xù insolvency proceedings
 pò huài huó dòng sabotage / subversive activities
 pò huài pǎo dào anti-runway
 pò huài wú yí damaged beyond repair
 pò huǒ shān kǒu caldera
 pò piàn shā shāng (military) fragmentation (grenade, bomb etc)
 pò tǔ diǎn lǐ ground breaking ceremony
 pò wǎ hán yáo lit. broken tiles, cold hearth / fig. a broken-down house / poor and shabby dwelling
 pò wǎn pò shuāi lit. to smash a cracked pot / fig. to treat oneself as hopeless and act crazily
  fragmentation hazard zone / fragmentation zone / fragmentation danger area
  fragmentation mine
 pò huài huán jìng zuì environmental crime
 pò huài shēng tài zuì ecological crimes
 pò huài xìng jiǎn yàn destructive analysis
 pò huài xìng shì yàn destructive analysis
  Fragment Slowdown Equation
  fragmentation shell
  fragmentation bomb / fragmentation shell
 pò chú xié yì fèi yòng break-up fee
 pò shāng fēng lèi dú sù tetanus toxoid
  Subversive Activities Prevention Law
 pò chǎn fǎ lì fǎ zhǐ nán UNCITRAL Legislative Guide on Insolvency Law
 pò huài tiě sī wǎng tǎn kè wire-cutting tank
 pò wū yòu zāo lián yè yǔ see 屋漏偏逢連夜雨|屋漏偏逢连夜雨[wu1 lou4 pian1 feng2 lian2 ye4 yu3]
  scatterable anti-personnel fragmentation mine
Approximate Results for 破
 tū pò to break through / to make a breakthrough / to surmount or break the back of (a task etc) / (of ball sports) to break through a defense
 dǎ pò to break / to smash
 diē pò (of a market index etc) to fall below (a given level) / to be injured or damaged as a result of a fall
 chōng pò breakthrough / to overcome an obstacle quickly
 bào pò to blow up / to demolish (using explosives) / dynamite / blast
 gōng pò to make a breakthrough / to break through / to breach (military)
 huá pò to cut open / to rip / to streak across (lightning, meteor etc) / to pierce (scream, searchlight etc)
 zhēn pò to investigate (as detective) / to solve (crime) / to uncover (a plot) / to sniff out / to break in and analyze / detective work / to scout
 shí pò to penetrate / to see through
 cán pò broken / dilapidated
 kàn pò to see through / disillusioned with / to reject (the world of mortals)
 sī pò to tear / to rip
 cì pò to puncture / to pierce
 diǎn pò to lay bare in a few words / to expose with a word / to point out bluntly
 shuō pò to lay bare (actual facts, secrets etc) / to reveal
 tǒng pò to pierce / to prod through
 chuō pò puncture / to expose
 jiē pò to uncover
 dào pò to expose / to reveal
 chēng pò to burst
 shuāi pò to fall and smash into pieces
 chě pò tear apart
 dǎn pò to be frightened to death
 dú pò to read extensively and thoroughly / nonstandard pronunciation of a Chinese character, e.g. reading [hao4] in compound 愛好|爱好[ai4 hao4] "hobby" in place of [hao3]
 gōu pò (of sth sharp) to snag (one's stockings etc)
 gōu pò (of sth sharp) to snag (one's stockings etc)
 kān pò see 看破[kan4 po4]
 zá pò to break / to shatter
 zhàn pò to burst / to split
 zhàn pò to wake up due to noise
 Ná pò lún Napoleon (name) / Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Emperor of France 1804-1815
 tū pò diǎn point of penetration (military) / breakthrough
 sī pò liǎn to have an acrimonious falling-out / to shed all pretense of cordiality / to tear into each other
 bào pò tǒng bangalore torpedo
  direct shot
  fragmentation protection
  nuclear breakout
  demolition party
 bào pò kēng demolition pit
 bào pò léi blast mine
 bào pò shǒu blaster / soldier or workman who sets off explosive charges / petardier
 dú pò jù incorrect break in reading Chinese, dividing text into clauses at wrong point
 lǒng bào pò Flexotir method / cage shooting
 mài pò zhàn to feign an opening in order to hoodwink the opponent (in a fight, combat etc)
 nì bào pò reverse shot
 xià pò dǎn to be scared out of one's wits / to scare stiff
 zhī lí pò suì scattered and smashed (idiom)
 shí pò tiān jīng earth-shattering / breakthrough / remarkable and original work
 tóu pò xuè liú lit. head broken and blood flowing / fig. badly bruised
 shì rú pò zhú like a hot knife through butter (idiom) / with irresistible force
 jiā pò rén wáng family bankrupt and the people dead (idiom) / ruined and orphaned / destitute and homeless
 yī yǔ dào pò one word says it all (idiom) / to hit the nail on the head / to be pithy and correct
 chéng fēng pò làng to brave the wind and the billows (idiom) / to have high ambitions
 bù gōng zì pò (of a rumor etc) to collapse (in the light of facts etc) / to be discredited
 yú sǐ wǎng pò lit. either the fish dies or the net splits / a life and death struggle (idiom)
 diān pū bù pò solid / irrefutable / incontrovertible / indisputable / unbreakable
 cháng fēng pò làng lit. to ride the wind and crest the waves / to be ambitious and unafraid (idiom)
 bù pò bù lì without destruction there can be no construction
 guó pò jiā wáng the country ruined and the people starving (idiom)
 kān pò hóng chén to see through the world of mortals (idiom, of Buddhist monk) / disillusioned with human society / to reject the world for a monastic life
 tiān jīng shí pò see 石破天驚|石破天惊[shi2 po4 tian1 jing1]
  ozone destruction
  self-forming fragment / self-forging fragment
  demolition explosive
  explosive hose / explosive-filled hose
  explosive detonation / detonation
  explosive detonator
  demolition tool kit
  disposal charge / demolition charge
  Breaking the Silence
  explosive breaching
 cè jǐng bào pò velocity survey / well velocity survey / well shooting / velocity shooting
 cè sù bào pò velocity survey / well velocity survey / well shooting / velocity shooting
 dà pò dà lì to destroy the old and establish the new (idiom) / radical transformation
 diē pò yǎn jìng (fig.) to be astounded
 duì chèn pò quē symmetry breaking (physics)
 fù bù bào pò belly blast
 jīn shǔ pò piàn shrapnel
 kē xué tū pò scientific breakthrough
 lǎo niú pò chē lit. old ox pulling a shabby cart (idiom) / fig. slow and inefficient
 mó pò kǒu shé incessant complaining
 mó pò zuǐ pí to talk until one is blue in the face
 qì dòng pò huài aerodynamic destruction
 sēn lín pò huài devastation of forests
 shí pò jī guān to see through a trick
 sī pò liǎn pí see 撕破臉|撕破脸[si1 po4 lian3]
 tā pò mén kǎn to wear out the doorstep (idiom) / to crowd at sb's door
 tà pò tiě xié lit. to wear out one's iron shoes (idiom) / fig. to search high and low
 tū pò píng jǐng to make a breakthrough
 xiào pò dù pí to split one's sides laughing
 xì bāo pò suì (biotechnology) cell disruption
 xuān bù pò chǎn to declare bankruptcy
 yán zhòng pò huài serious damage
 yī yǔ pò dì see 一語中的|一语中的[yi1 yu3 zhong4 di4]
 An4 hēi Pò huài Shén Diablo (video game series)
  splinter proof shelter / splinter / fragment proof shelter
  crime clearance rate
  fraudulent bankruptcy
  boosted blast mine
  explosive mine clearance / explosive clearance
 bào pò kòng zhì diǎn demolition control point
 lǎo niú lā pò chē see 老牛破車|老牛破车[lao3 niu2 po4 che1]
 mó pò zuǐ pí zi to wear out one's lips (idiom) / to talk until one is blue in the face / to repeat again and again
 tú yàng tú sēn pò (Internet slang) to have a simplistic view of sth (transcription of "too young, too simple" &ndash / English words spoken by Jiang Zemin 江澤民|江泽民[Jiang1 Ze2 min2] in chastizing Hong Kong reporters in 2000)
  penetration aids
  cordia wood / jenny wood
 bǎo zhèng pò huài zhàn lu:è assured destruction strategy
 fēi pò huài xìng shì yàn non-destructive assay / non-destructive analysis / non-destructive testing
 lù tiān kēng nèi bào pò open-pit detonation
 mú nǐ bào pò zhuāng yào dummy explosive charge
 xīn shēng er pò shāng fēng neonatal tetanus
 yuán zǐ bào pò dàn yào atomic demolition munition
 zì fā duì chèn pò quē spontaneous symmetry breaking (physics)
  special atomic demolition munition / atomic landmine
 dǎ pò shā guō wèn dào dǐ to go to the bottom of things (idiom)
 hé shā shāng pò huài gū jì nuclear damage assessment
 lu:3 dài pò bīng yuán dòng jī tracked ice-breaking prime movers
 Ná pò lún · Bō ná bā Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Emperor of France 1804-1815
· Ná pò lún · Bō ná bā Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Emperor of France 1804-1815
  Special Atomic Demolition Munitions / nuclear backpack
  unreversed refraction line / unreversed seismic refraction data / unreversed refraction profile
  MDG Breakthrough Strategy
  maternal and neonatal tetanus
  International Committee for Breaking the Language Barrier
  European Convention on Certain International Aspects of Bankruptcy
  Regional Technical Assistance Project for Non-Destructive Testing
 tà pò tiě xié wú mì chù , dé lái quán bù fèi gōng fu to travel far and wide looking for sth, only to find it easily
  Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
  UNCITRAL Practice Guide on Cross-Border Insolvency Cooperation
  Regional Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Network for Latin America and Caribbean
  Principles and Guidelines on Effective Insolvency and Creditor Rights Systems
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