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Decomp. 丿十口辶
Mandarin shì; kuò
Entry Methods
Pinyin shi4; kuo4
Kanji /
Sijiao 3230.6
CNS 11643 2-3330
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+9002
Results for 适
 shì to fit / suitable / proper / just (now) / comfortable / well / to go / to follow or pursue
 kuò see 李适[Li3 Kuo4]
Results beginning with 适
 shì hé to fit / to suit
 shì yìng to adapt / to fit / to suit
 shì yòng to be applicable
 shì dàng suitable / appropriate
 shì shí timely / apt to the occasion / in due course
 shì yí suitable / appropriate
 shì liàng appropriate amount
 shì dù moderately / appropriate
 shì zhōng moderate / reasonable / conveniently situated
 shì cái just now / a moment ago
 shì líng of age / of the appropriate age
 shì féng to just happen to coincide with
 shì xiāo marketable / saleable / appropriate to the market
 shì qiè apt / appropriate
 shì yì agreeable
 shì zhí just at that time / as it happens / by good luck, just then
 shì gé to be qualified (to bring a complaint, lawsuit etc) (law)
 shì háng to be airworthy / to be seaworthy
 shì hūn of marriageable age / nubile
 shì jiān just now / the present time
 shì pèi adaptation
 shì rén (said of a woman) to marry (old)
 shì wēn thermophile (e.g. bacteria) / heat-loving
 shì pèi qì adapter (device)
 shì yìng xìng adaptability / flexibility
  adaptation levy
 shì cún dù fitness (evolution) / ability to survive and reproduce
 shì háng xìng airworthiness
 shì háng zhèng certificate of airworthiness / airworthiness certificate
 shì hūn qī ages suitable for getting married
 shì pèi céng adaptation layer
 shì yòng fàn wéi range of applicability (of a function)
  adaptive capacity
 shì dé qí fǎn to produce the opposite of the desired result
 shì kě ér zhǐ to stop before going too far (idiom) / to stop while one can / don't overdo it / stop while you're ahead
 shì zhě shēng cún survival of the fittest
 shì féng qí huì to just happen to coincide with the occasion (idiom) / to be present just at the right time
  adaptation assessment
  adaptation plan
  Adaptation Fund
  appropriate technologies
  desirable range
  mission preparedness
  adequate procedures
  adaptive system
 shì dé qí suǒ exactly what one would wish / to find one's niche
 shì dù wēi tiáo an appropriate amount of fine-tuning
 shì háng zhèng shū certificate of airworthiness / airworthiness certificate
 shì hé yòng tú fitness for the purpose
 shì yú jū zhù habitability
  adaptation cost
  adaptive management
  desirable clone
  right to adequate food
  Appropriate Technology Unit
  mission capable
 shì zú zhù fáng quán right to adequate housing
  Adaptation Policy Framework
  system of desirable ranges
  desirable range of quality
  due process of law
  adequate reception facilities
  adaptive collaborative management
  cultural adequacy
  Working Group on Appropriate Technoology
  Grade Appropriate Net Enrolment Ratio
  Africa Fit for Children
  maximum desirable concentration
 shì zú shēng huó shuǐ zhǔn quán right to an adequate standard of living
  reactor-grade heavy water
  choice of law clause
  Strategic Priority on Adaptation
  A world fit for children
  suitably designed collection vehicle
  Technical Meeting on Appropriate Industrial Technologies
  Chemical Research Applied to World Needs
  A World Fit for Children Plus Five
  Appropriate Health Resources and Technologies Action Group
  International Forum on Appropriate Industrial Technology, Ministerial-level
  Ad Hoc Tripartite Working Group on Appropriate Technology
  humanitarian demining countermine equipment
  Supplementary Agreement for the Application of the European Convention on Social Security
  Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate food as a human right
 hé shì suitable / fitting / appropriate
 shū shì cozy / snug
 bù shì unwell / indisposed / out of sorts
 tiáo shì to adapt (to an environment etc) / to make sth suitable / adaptation / adjustment / adaptive
 xián shì leisurely and comfortable / relaxed
 ān shì quiet and comfortable
 Hú Shì Hu Shi (1891-1962), original proponent of writing in colloquial Chinese 白話文|白话文[bai2 hua4 wen2]
 Lǐ Kuò Li Kuo, personal name of tenth Tang emperor Dezong 德宗[De2 Zong1], (742-805), reigned 779-805
 pǔ shì universal
 shùn shì agreeable / to conform
 tián shì quiet and comfortable
 bù shì hé unsuitable
 bù hé shì improper / unsuitable / inappropriate
 bù shì yòng not applicable / NA
 zì shì yìng adaptive
 bù shì dàng inadequate / unfit
 Bāng bǎo shì (brand) Pampers
  still in line
 àn shì yìng dark adaptation
 bù shū shì uncomfortable
 shū shì yīn comfortable voice (well within one's range of pitch)
 wú suǒ shì cóng not knowing which course to follow (idiom) / at a loss what to do
 xuē zú shì lu:3 to cut the feet to fit the shoes (idiom) / to force sth to fit (as to a Procrustean bed) / impractical or inelegant solution
  engineered adaptation
  autonomous adaptation / spontaneous adaptation
  autonomous adaptation / spontaneous adaptation
  environmental amenities
 ān xián shū shì leisurely and free (idiom) / carefree and at ease
 pǔ biàn shì yòng erga omnes
 wén huà shì yí culturally appropriate
 zàn shí shì yòng provisional application
  adaptive optics
  anticipatory adaptation / proactive adaptation
  amenities of the countryside
广  inclusive fitness
  inclusive fitness
  replicative fitness / replicative vigour
 huán jìng shì yí xìng environmental soundness
 hù yòng shì yòng xìng interoperability
 qì hòu shì yí qī optimum / climatic optimum
 zuì shì duó lì yòng optimum yield
  unserviceable asset / U / S asset / non serviceable asset / N / S asset
  visual amenity effect
  battle inoculation exercise / battle inoculation practice
 huán jìng zuì shì tiáo jiàn environmental optimum conditions
  United Nations operating rate of exchange
  culturally appropriate
  optimum sustainable yield
  Space Adaptation Syndrome
  Adequate Shelter for All
  national adaptation programme of action
  African Drought Adaptation Forum
  nationally appropriate mitigation action
  Convention on the Law Applicable to Agency
  Appropriate Technology International
  rules applicable in armed conflict
  Transnational Network for Appropriate Technology
  suitability for climatic conditions
  National Readjustment Commission
  moderate utilization of natural resources
  territorial scope of treaties
  universality of mission factors
  Consultation on the Right to Adequate Food
  Preflight Adaptation Trainer
  Convention on the Law Applicable to Products Liability
  Convention on the Law Applicable to Maintenance Obligations
  adaptation benefit
  Caribbean Programme for Adaptation to Climate Change
  right to just and favourable conditions of work
  Convention on the Law Applicable to Matrimonial Property Regimes
  Convention on the Law Applicable to Traffic Accidents
  Asian Alliance of Appropriate Technology Practioners / APPROTECH ASIA
  Convention on the law applicable to maintenance obligations towards children
  Pioneering Useful and Learning Strategies in Basic Education
  Strategy for an Era of Application of International Law
  Plan of Action towards Africa Fit for Children
  Expert Panel on Adaptation of Forests to Climate Change
  Convention on the Law Applicable to Contracts for the International Sale of Goods
-美  Ibero-American Programme on Adaptation to Climate Change
  Caribbean Planning for Adaptation to Global Climate Change project
&mdash  The Alpine Process - an approach for other mountain regions?
  Convention concerning the Application of International Labour Standards to Non-Metropolitan Territories
  Convention on the Law Applicable to International Sales of Goods
  Special Rapporteur on promoting the realization of the right to adequate housing
  Convention on the Law Applicable to Trusts and on their Recognition
  Pacific Umbrella Partnership Initiative on Adaptation
  Panel to Investigate Allegations of Discriminatory Treatment and to Recommend Appropriate Action
  Convention for the Adaptation to Maritime Warfare of the Principles of the Geneva Convention
  Convention on the law governing transfer of title in international sales of goods
  Convention on Jurisdiction, Applicable Law and Recognition of Decrees relating to Adoptions
- 北  Climate Change - Adapting to the Impacts, by Communities in Northern Peripheral Regions
  Guidelines for appropriate types of confidence building measures
  Convention on the Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity
  Meeting of Experts on Programmes of Adjustment to Automation and Advanced Technological Change
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