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 pèi fāng prescription / cooking recipe / formulation / completing the square (to solve quadratic equation, math)
 yǒu lǐ shù rational number (i.e. fraction of two integers, math)
 yī yī yìng shè bijective map (i.e. map between sets in math. that is one-to-one and onto) / one-to-one correspondence
 gōng yīn shì common factor / common divisor (of a math. expression)
 yīn shì factor / divisor (of a math. expression)
 qí jiě singular solution (to a math. equation)
 tè jiě particular solution (to a math. equation)
 pèi fāng fǎ completing the square (method of solving quadratic equation, math)
 gāo shù further math / advanced mathematics (school subject, abbr. for 高等數學|高等数学)
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