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 pèi fāng prescription / cooking recipe / formulation / completing the square (to solve quadratic equation, math)
 gāo shù further math / advanced mathematics (school subject, abbr. for 高等數學|高等数学)
 yǒu lǐ shù rational number (i.e. fraction of two integers, math)
 yī yī yìng shè bijective map (i.e. map between sets in math. that is one-to-one and onto) / one-to-one correspondence
 gōng yīn shì common factor / common divisor (of a math. expression)
 yīn shì factor / divisor (of a math. expression)
 qí jiě singular solution (to a math. equation)
 tè jiě particular solution (to a math. equation)
 pèi fāng fǎ completing the square (method of solving quadratic equation, math)
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