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  administrative charges
 xiàn hài to entrap / to set up / to frame (up) / to make false charges against
 gōng sù public charges (law)
 zuì zhuàng charges or facts about a crime / the nature of the offense
 bì zhòng jiù qīng to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial / to keep silent about major charges while admitting minor ones
 qǐ sù shū indictment (law) / statement of charges (law)
 chuán xián sides of a ship / ship's railing / fig. the dividing line between shipboard expenses and onshore freight charges
 shuǐ water / river / liquid / beverage / additional charges or income / (of clothes) classifier for number of washes
 hán shā shè yǐng to attack someone by innuendo (idiom) / to make oblique charges / to make insinuations / to insinuate
 dǐng zuì to take the blame for sb else / to compensate for one's crime / to get charges dropped (by paying money etc)
 luó zhī to frame sb / to cook up imaginary charges against sb
 gòu xiàn to frame / to bring false charges against
 fáng qián charges for a room / house rental
 An1 wǎ ěr Anwar (name) / Anwar bin Ibrahim (1947-), Malaysian politician, deputy prime minister 1993-1998, imprisoned 1999-2004 on charges including alleged homosexual acts, subsequently overturned
 bào pò shǒu blaster / soldier or workman who sets off explosive charges / petardier
 yuān jiǎ cuò àn unjust, fake and false charges (in a legal case)
 cān hé to accuse / to impeach / (in imperial China) to level charges against an official
 cháng bǎn pō qī jìn qī chū famous scene in Romance of the Three Kingdoms in which Zhao Yun 趙雲|赵云 / charges seven times through the ranks of Cao Cao's armies
  overflight charges
  Central American Agreement on the Equalization of Import Charges
 chǎn pǐn fèi product charges / indirect environmental taxes
  product charges / indirect environmental taxes
  product charges / indirect environmental taxes
  production charges
  non-sharing of charges
 gào sù to press charges / to file a complaint
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