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 biān jí to edit / to compile / editor / compiler
 jiǎn jí to edit (video images, film)
 gǎi xiě to revise / to edit
 biān chéng to organize / to put together / to edit
 biān zhuàn to compile / to edit
 shān gǎi to edit / to modify / to alter (written material)
 zuǎn xiū to compile / to edit / compilation
 biān to weave / to plait / to organize / to group / to arrange / to edit / to compile / to write / to compose / to fabricate
 jí to gather up / to collect / to edit / to compile
 tú yǐ to trim or add (to a text) / to edit
 biān yì to translate and edit / translator-editor / (computing) to compile (source code)
 jiào zhèng to proofread and correct / to edit and rectify / to correct / to calibrate
 jiǎn jiē film-editing / montage / to cut or edit film
 shān jiǎn to abridge (a text) / to edit out (of a movie) / to cut back (a budget, a curriculum)
 biān xiū to compile and edit
 biān xuǎn to select and edit / to compile
 cuàn to flee / to scuttle / to exile or banish / to amend or edit
 diǎn jīn chéng tiě to transform gold into base metal (idiom) / fig. to edit sb else's beautiful prose and ruin it
 biān lù to select and edict / to edit extracts
 biān jí cí tiáo to edit an entry (in online dictionary)
 diǎn cuàn to reword / to edit a text
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