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 dì rè geothermal
 dì rè fā diàn chǎng geothermal electric power station
 dì rè néng geothermal energy
 dì rè zī yuán geothermal resources
 dì rè diàn zhàn geothermal electric power station
  UNU Geothermal Training Programme
  Workshop on the Development and Exploitation of Geothermal Energy in Developing Countries
  Geothermal Energy Programme
  geothermal heat pump
  Geothermal Training Programme
  geothermal heat
  geothermal energy
  Technical Panel on Geothermal Energy
  Standing Advisory Committee on Geothermal Energy Training
  Geothermal Energy Training Programme
  Seminar on New Developments in Geothermal Energy
  International Geothermal Association
  geopressurized geothermal system
  geothermal gradient
  United Nations Symposium for the Development and Utilization of Geothermal Resources
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