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 liàng xiàng to strike a pose (Chinese opera) / (fig.) to make a public appearance / to come out in public (revealing one's true personality, opinions etc) / (of a product) to appear on the market or at a trade show etc
 kǒu bēi public praise / public reputation / commonly held opinions / current idiom
 yìng huà to harden / hardening / sclerosis / fig. to become rigid or inflexible in opinions / to ossify
 zhuàng chē to crash (into another car) / (fig.) (of opinions, schedules etc) to clash / (of subject matter) to be the same
 zhǔ jiàn one's own view / having definite opinions
 zhòng shuō fēn yún opinions differ (idiom)
广 jí sī guǎng yì collecting opinions is of wide benefit (idiom) / to pool wisdom for mutual benefit / to profit from widespread suggestions
 jiàn rén jiàn zhì opinions differ (idiom)
 xiāng mín villager / (Tw) (Internet slang) person who likes to follow online discussions and add their opinions
 zhòng shuō various ideas / diverse opinions
 biè to make sb change their ways, opinions etc
 zá shuō scattered essays / various opinions / different manners of speaking
 shí rén yá huì to pick up what others say (idiom) / to pass off other people's opinions as one's own / to parrot
 zhòng shuō fēn róu lit. diverse opinions confused and divided (idiom) / opinions differ / controversial matters
 jù sòng fēn yún (of a body of people) to offer all kinds of different opinions (idiom) / to argue endlessly
 tàn kǒu qì to sound out opinions / to get sb's views by polite or indirect questioning / also written 探口風|探口风[tan4 kou3 feng1]
 tàn kǒu fēng to sound out opinions / to get sb's views by polite or indirect questioning
 wú zhǔ jiàn without one's own opinions
 zhòng shuō fú hub for diverse opinions
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