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 rèn zhēn conscientious / earnest / serious / to take seriously / to take to heart
 qīng sōng light / gentle / relaxed / effortless / uncomplicated / to relax / to take things less seriously
 zhòng shāng seriously hurt / serious injury
 dāng zhēn to take seriously / serious / No joking, really!
 dàng zhēn to take seriously / serious / No joking, really!
 cuō shāng to consult / to discuss seriously / to negotiate / to confer / negotiations / consultations
 fàng zài xīn shàng to care about / to take seriously / to take to heart
 bìng zhòng seriously ill
 tuō pí to molt / to peel / fig. seriously hurt
 shà yǒu jiè shì to make a show of being very much in earnest (idiom) / to act as if one is taking things very seriously
 mí liú seriously ill and about to die
 fū yǎn sè zé to skimp on the job / to work half-heartedly / not to take the job seriously
 wàng yán wàng tīng unwarranted talk the listener can take or leave (idiom) / sth not to be taken too seriously
 shā rén bù guò tóu diǎn dì It's all exaggeration, you don't need to take it seriously / a fuss about nothing / nothing to write home about
 wán hū to neglect / to trifle with / not to take seriously
 dàng huí shì to take seriously (often with negative expression: "don't take it too seriously") / to treat conscientiously
 dǔ bìng seriously ill / critical
 yán zhě wú zuì , wén zhě zú jiè don't blame the speaker, take note of his warning (idiom) / an exhortation to speak one's mind without fear of reprisals, and with the expectation of being taken seriously
 shēn fù zhòng shāng seriously injured
  seriously ill
  seriously ill list
  very seriously ill list
  most seriously affected countries
  most seriously affected developing countries
 wǎng xīn li qù to take sth to heart / to take sth seriously
 bìng bing yāng yāng seriously ill / in fragile health
 yán zhòng to speak seriously / to exaggerate
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