chū fā


  • to set off
  • to start (on a journey)


  • 列车已经出发
    The train just left.
  • 机场大巴从哪里出发
    Where do the airport buses leave from?
  • 我们明天几点出发
    What time do we leave tomorrow?
  • 你什么时候才会准备好出发
    When will you get ready to leave?
  • 我们是六点出发的。
    We started at six.
  • 他明天出发去中国。
    He leaves for China tomorrow.
  • 你甚么时候出发去伦敦?
    When are you going to leave for London?
  • 他们出发去野餐了。
    They set out on a picnic.
  • 去纽约的火车几点出发
    What time does the train for New York depart?
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