About Chinese Gratis

Chinese culture is known as one of the oldest and most traditional cultures in the world. It was born more than 5000 years ago and till now it is one of the most beautiful of all cultures. The sophisticated traditions of calligraphy, language, and art is respected by many Western and Eastern cultures. Moreover, Chinese is more used in a business world. Therefore, more and more people from Europe and America admire Chinese traditions and want to learn Mandarin. Chinesetools.eu is an answer to everyone who is interested with Chinese culture, history, and traditions. It is also a perfect tool for learning mandarin and a great entertainment!

If you want to learn Chinese and get information regarding this beautiful culture or simply just use some fun tools, Chinesetools.eu it the website for you. We assure you with all the information you will find on our website are reliable and true. Prepared by native Chinese speakers for all enthusiasts of Chinese language and culture.

Learn Mandarin With US!

Chinese is known as one of the most difficult languages in the world. It is not only extremely hard learning to pronounce various words with a proper accent but also we need to learn to write it with Chinese characters. That is why learning this beautiful language takes a lot of effort and time. With the help of Chinesetools.eu you can learn Chinese much easier and faster. Our website is full of useful tools for studying.

All The Learning Tools

You can start with Chinese Lessons and dictionary. You can also learn words with the help of Chinese Audio Picture Book where you can choose a picture and learn how the item is called and how to pronounce it.

Tones and accents are very important when learning Chinese. With Pinyin Dictation exercise you can train your ear to distinguish the tones and pinyin. Its very simple - just listen to the sound, write the pinyin and choose the tone.

Learning Chinese characters is a difficult task. That is why on Chinesetools.eu you can find different tools and exercises to get familiar with them. Check out top 1500 characters, practice writing with Chinese Flashcards (HSK) and the Practice Sheet Generator. All is very easy to use and super fun! We try our best so all the materials are helpful for everyone, no matter what’s your easiest and most effective way of studying.

Learn About Chinese Geography

If you want to know more about the geography and topography of China, check out the interactive map of China. When opening the map, visitors are able to personalize their base map to include rivers, lakes, seas and internal borders. It is also possible to show neighbouring countries and reliefs and to find provinces and capitals. This is a great tool to learn more about the geography of different parts of China.

Have Some Fun With the Chinese Language

Chinesetools.eu prepared great tools for all enthusiasts of Chinese culture and language. Additionally to all options that are helpful for studying the language, website visitors can find some fun tools to play with Chinese calligraphy and language.

Fun for Sudoku Enthusiasts

If you like playing Sudoku, you will definitely love to play Chinese Sudoku. The rules are the same as a classic Sudoku game. The goal is to complete the 81 cases with numbers ranging from 1 to 9 always ensuring that the same number appears only once per column, one time per line, and only once per square of nine cases. In Chinese Sudoku game instead of numbers, you are filling the columns with Chinese characters. It’s a great fun and you can learn how to write numbers in Chinese.

Greet Your Friends In Chinese

Do you have a friend who loves Chinese culture? Why don’t you send them a postcard with Chinese design and greetings written in Chinese. You can choose from many options that let you customize and send original greetings to your friends or family members for free! Moreover, you can also create the Chinese writing on a painting or a seal/stamp.

What’s Your Chinese Name?

Have you ever thought about how to write your name in Chinese? Why don't you check it on our free Chinese Name tool. We have over 610K name translations to choose from. They are made by native Chinese speakers. We can assure that all our translations are 100% reliable. You can without a doubt use your name generated by our tool to create a tattoo or a decorative item.

Additionally to the tool that generates names into Chinese, our visitors can translate their names into other Asian languages. With the help of Chinesetools.eu you can create a tattoo with your name written in Tibetan, Korean, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, Thai or Russian.

Check Out Chinese Astrology

If you believe in astrology, you must know that Chinese culture has different zodiac signs.  You Chinese astrological sign is calculated by checking your exact date of birth. Thanks to Chinese Zodiac Calculator on Chinesetools.eu you can simply put your date of birth and find our about your Chinese zodiac sign. With the help of Love Calculator, you can also check your compatibility with your loved ones according to Chinese astrology.

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