fā míng


  • to invent
  • an invention
  • CL:個|个[ge4]



  • 发明了电话?
    Who invented the telephone?
  • 爱迪生发明了电灯炮。
    Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.
  • 洗衣机是个绝妙的发明
    The washing machine is a wonderful invention.
  • 卡拉 OK 是谁发明的?
    Who invented karaoke?
  • 电脑是最近才发明的。
    The computer is a recent invention.
  • 纸是由中国人发明的。
    Paper was invented by the Chinese.
  • 你知道显微镜是谁发明的吗?
    Do you know who invented the microscope?
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