hǎo yì si


  • to have the nerve
  • what a cheek!
  • to feel no shame
  • to overcome the shame
  • (is it) proper? (rhetorical question)



  • 好意思,现在线路繁忙。
    Sorry, the line is busy now.
  • 好意思,这本书已经卖完了。
    Sorry, the book is out of stock.
  • 好意思,请问这条路通往地铁站吗?
    Excuse me, but is this the right way to the subway station?
  • 我这么迟才回信,真不好意思
    Excuse me for not having answered your letter sooner.
  • 好意思,我失陪一下。
    Will you excuse me for just a moment?
  • 好意思,我要走了。
    I am afraid I must be going now.
  • 好意思,我爸爸不在家。
    I am sorry father is out.
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