shōu rù


  • to take in
  • income
  • revenue
  • CL:筆|笔[bi3],個|个[ge4]


  • 专职作家没有固定的收入
    Professional writers do not have a regular income.
  • 他的收入比我多三倍。
    His income is three times large than mine.
  • 退休后他的收入少了一半。
    His income was diminished by half after retirement.
  • 他一周的收入不超过50美元。
    He earns not more than 50 dollars a week.
  • 我现在的收入比两年前多了一倍。
    Now my income is twice what it was two years ago.
  • 专家说只有百分之十五左右的快乐来自收入、资产等财政的因素。
    Experts say only about 15 percent of happiness comes from income, assets and other financial factors.
  • 百分之十五的房屋将是经济适用,所以低收入家庭会在这个地区买或者租
    Fifteen per cent of the housing will be affordable, so that low-income families will be able to buy or rent homes in the area.
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