shōu dào


  • to receive



  • 收到此邮件后请尽快给我答复。
    Please send me a reply as soon as you receive this mail.
  • 我一收到钱就马上还给你。
    As soon as I get paid I will pay you back.
  • 收到了请帖。
    I received an invitation.
  • 每个孩子都收到了份礼物。
    Each child was given a present.
  • 我们收到消息时都吓了一跳。
    We were surprised at the news.
  • 我前几天收到了你的传真。
    I got your fax the other day.
  • 我在三天之后收到了回覆。
    The reply came after three days.
  • 我昨天就收到了你的来信。
    I just got your letter yesterday.
  • 我今天收到了她的信。
    I got a letter from her today.
  • 我期待很快就能收到你的信。
    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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