shōu yīn


  • to receive a radio signal
  • to make an audio recording
  • (of an auditorium etc) to have good acoustics
  • (vocal training, linguistics) ending (of a word or syllable)


  • 收音机的声音有点响。
    The radio is a bit loud.
  • 收音机的声音关小一点。
    Turn the radio down a little.
  • 他一面开车一面听收音机的音乐。
    He drove the car, listening to music on the radio.
  • 可以把收音机的音量调低一点吗?
    Would you mind turning down the radio?
  • 晚饭后我听收音机。
    I listen to the radio after dinner.
  • 收音机关掉了。
    The radio is powered off.
  • 男孩躺着听收音机。
    The boy lay listening to the radio.
  • 请你把收音机关掉。
    Turn off the radio, please.
  • 这台收音机多少钱?
    What is the price of this radio?
  • 我每晚都听收音机。
    I listen to the radio every night.
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