yǒu xiē


  • some
  • somewhat



  • 有些同学喜欢排球,也有些喜欢网球。
    Some of my classmates like volleyball and others enjoy tennis.
  • 我种了很多花,有些是红色的,有些是黄色的。
    I have a lot of flowers. Some are red and some are yellow.
  • 所有的模型都有错,不过有些还是有用的。
    All models are wrong, but some are useful.
  • 有些月份有三十天,有些月份有三十一天。
    Some months have thirty days, others thirty one.
  • 有些人认为阅读简直浪费时间。
    Some people think of reading as a waste of time.
  • 有些人边看电视边读报纸。
    Some people read the newspaper and watch TV at the same time.
  • 有些苹果从树上掉了下来。
    Some apples fell down from the tree.
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