diàn shì


  • television
  • TV
  • CL:臺|台[tai2],個|个[ge4]


  • 我看电视
    I watch television.
  • 你最喜欢什么电视剧?
    Which of the TV programs do you like best?
  • 我房间里没有电视机。
    There is no TV in my room.
  • 我们喜欢看电视
    We enjoyed watching the TV.
  • 房里有个电视机。
    There is a television in the room.
  • 总统在电视上对国民讲话。
    The President spoke to the nation on TV.
  • 他在看电视
    He is watching TV.
  • 我买了台新电视机。
    I bought a new television.
  • 他常常上电视
    He often appears on TV.
  • 五十年前,人们作梦也不会想到有电视和电脑之类的东西。
    Such things as television and computers could not have been dreamed of fifty years ago.
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