diàn shì jī


  • television set
  • CL:臺|台[tai2]


  • 我房间里没有电视机
    There is no TV in my room.
  • 房里有个电视机
    There is a television in the room.
  • 我买了台新电视机
    I bought a new television.
  • 这个房间里有个电视机
    There is a television in this room.
  • 现在几乎每家每户也有一两台电视机了。
    Nowadays almost every home has one or two televisions.
  • 这台电视机是十年前製造的, 现在已经没有零件可换, 所以要修理它是Ç
    This TV was made ten years ago and there are no parts available, so it is impossible to repair it.
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