tū rán


  • sudden
  • abrupt
  • unexpected



  • 计划突然改变。
    There was a sudden change of plan.
  • 突然转阴了。
    All of sudden the sky became overcast.
  • 突然发言了。
    All at once he spoke out.
  • 狮子突然向训练员扑了过去。
    Suddenly the lion came at his trainer.
  • 气温突然下降了。
    The temperature has suddenly dropped.
  • 突然开始下雨。
    All of a sudden it began raining.
  • 天空突然变暗了。
    All of sudden the sky became dark.
  • 突然变暖和了。
    The weather suddenly got warmer.
  • 突然笑了起来。
    All of a sudden she began to laugh.
  • 我们突然听见外面传来了一下枪声。
    All at once we heard a shot outside.
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