cōng ming


  • intelligent
  • clever
  • bright
  • smart
  • acute (of sight and hearing)



  • 熊猫很聪明
    Pandas are very clever.
  • 聪明人会羞于干这种事。
    A man of sense would be ashamed to do so.
  • 他没他哥哥聪明
    He is less clever than his elder brother.
  • 她很聪明
    She is very intelligent.
  • 你很聪明
    You are sharp.
  • 他一点也不聪明
    He is by no means bright.
  • 他比我聪明
    He is cleverer than I.
  • Mary 又聪明又亲切。
    Mary is both intelligent and kind.
  • 他只不过是有点小聪明
    Although he may be clever, he is not wise.
  • 小事聪明,大事糊涂。
    Penny wise, pound foolish.
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