biǎo shì


  • to express
  • to show
  • to say
  • to state
  • to indicate
  • to mean



  • 他们以摇头表示不同意,而其他国家的人可能以摇头表示同意。
    They express disagreement by shaking their heads, which may indicate agreement in other countries.
  • 那就表示有问题。。。
    Then there is a problem...
  • 对爱丁堡来说,这表示什么意思?
    What will this mean for Edinburgh?
  • 我对玛丽的帮助表示了感谢。
    I thanked Mary for her help.
  • 微笑并不一定表示高兴。
    Smiles do not always indicate pleasure.
  • 我们对他的死亡表示遗憾。
    We regret his death.
  • 但是,我一看到在火车站的场面是就开始对这个决定表示遗憾。
    However, as soon as I saw the situation at the train station I began to regret this decision.
  • “胡同” 那个本来表示“水井”意思的词是七百年前来自蒙古语的。
    The term "hutong", originally meaning "water well", came from the Mongolian language about 700 years ago.
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