nà xiē


  • those


  • 你想要那些照片中的一些吗?
    Would you like some of those pictures?
  • 谢谢那些回忆。
    Thanks for the memories.
  • 那些年轻人脱离父母独立。
    Those young men are independent of their parents.
  • 那些旧法都被废除了。
    Those old laws were all done away with.
  • 那些一无是处的废物被炒了。
    Those good-for-nothing layabouts were sacked.
  • 你觉得那些日本作家怎么样?
    What do you think of those Japanese writers?
  • 成年人很难理解那些音乐。
    The music is difficult for grownups to understand.
  • 那些钱藏了在地板下面。
    The money was hidden beneath the floorboards.
  • 你应该努力忘掉那些不快乐的过去。
    You should try to forget your unhappy past.
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