• cooked rice
  • CL:碗[wan3]
  • meal
  • CL:頓|顿[dun4]
  • (loanword) fan
  • devotee



  • 我想去店吃晚
    I wanna have dinner in a restaurant.
  • 在我们的店抓,拌面,烤肉串都有。
    We have pilaf, lo mein, and kebabs in our restaurant.
  • 肉是八块钱。素抓只是四块钱。
    The pilaf with meat is eight yuan. The vegetarian pilaf is only four yuan.
  • 准备好了。
    Breakfast is ready.
  • 苏珊很会煮
    Susan is a good cook.
  • 时间到了。
    Time for dinner.
  • 后我听收音机。
    I listen to the radio after dinner.
  • 出去吃吗?
    What about going out for a meal?
  • 我吃完晚后看电视。
    I watch television after supper.
  • 妈妈为我准备了午
    Mother prepared lunch for me.
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