fàn diàn


  • restaurant
  • hotel
  • CL:家[jia1],個|个[ge4]



  • 我想去饭店吃晚饭。
    I wanna have dinner in a restaurant.
  • 请问新桥饭店离这儿远不远?
    Excuse me, is Xinqiao Restaurant far from here?
  • 在我们的饭店抓饭,拌面,烤肉串都有。
    We have pilaf, lo mein, and kebabs in our restaurant.
  • 苏在皇家饭店登记投宿。
    Sue checked in at the Royal Hotel.
  • 我曾在一家饭店工作过。
    I once worked in a restaurant.
  • 我们的饭店是最好的。
    Our restaurant is the best.
  • 我们的饭店在汽车南站的附近。
    Our restaurant is near the southern bus station.
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