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 yǎng chéng to cultivate / to raise / to form (a habit) / to acquire
 rǎn to dye / to catch (a disease) / to acquire (bad habits etc) / to contaminate / to add color washes to a painting
 qǔ dé to acquire / to get / to obtain
 shōu gòu to purchase (from various places) / to acquire (a company)
 huò qǔ to gain / to get / to acquire
 jiān bìng to annex / to take over / to acquire
 gòu dé to purchase / to acquire
 tiān zhì to buy / to acquire / to add to one's possessions
 xié qǔ to pick / to select / to take / to capture (data) / to acquire / to pick up (a signal)
 xí dé to learn / to acquire (some skill through practice) / acquisition
 tiān bàn to acquire
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