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 chéng rèn to admit / to concede / to recognize / recognition (diplomatic, artistic etc) / to acknowledge
 lù qǔ to accept an applicant (prospective student, employee etc) who passes an entrance exam / to admit (a student) / to hire (a job candidate)
 jiē dài to receive (a visitor) / to admit (allow sb to enter)
 jìn to go forward / to advance / to go in / to enter / to put in / to submit / to take in / to admit / (math.) base of a number system / classifier for sections in a building or residential compound
 jiē shōu reception (of transmitted signal) / to receive / to accept / to admit / to take over (e.g. a factory) / to expropriate
 jiē nà to admit (to membership)
 xī nà to take in / to absorb / to admit / to accept
 tǎn chéng to confess / to admit / to come clean / calmly
 róng xià to hold / to admit / to accommodate / to tolerate
 rèn to recognize / to know / to admit
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