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 què dìng definite / certain / fixed / to fix (on sth) / to determine / to be sure / to ensure / to make certain / to ascertain / to clinch / to recognize / to confirm / OK (on computer dialog box)
 pī to ascertain / to act on / to criticize / to pass on / classifier for batches, lots, military flights / tier (for the ranking of universities and colleges)
 chá míng to investigate and find out / to ascertain
 chá qīng to find out / to ascertain / to get to the bottom of / to clarify
 tàn míng to ascertain / to verify
 tàn zhī to find out / to ascertain / to get an idea of
 yàn míng to ascertain / to identify / to verify (sb's identity etc)
 pàn míng to distinguish / to ascertain
 tuī qiú to inquire / to ascertain
 tuī suǒ to inquire into / to ascertain
 mō qīng to suss out / to figure out / to ascertain
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