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 bì miǎn to avert / to prevent / to avoid / to refrain from
 táo bì to escape / to evade / to avoid / to shirk
 huí bì to shun / to avoid (sb) / to skirt / to evade (an issue) / to step back / to withdraw / to recuse (a judge etc)
 bì kāi to avoid / to evade / to keep away from
 duǒ bì to hide / to evade / to dodge / to take shelter / to avoid (difficulties)
 yǐ fáng (so as) to avoid / to prevent / (just) in case
 shēng pà to fear / afraid / extremely nervous / for fear that / to avoid / so as not to
 rào guò to detour / to bypass / to circumvent / to avoid / to wind around (of a road etc)
 duǒ kāi to stay out of (hot water, trouble, awkward situation etc) / to avoid (sb)
 miǎn chú to prevent / to avoid / to excuse / to exempt / to relieve / (of a debt) to remit
 shěng de to avoid / so as to save (money or time)
 tuī xiè to avoid (esp. responsibility) / to shift (the blame) / to pass the buck
 bì hui to avoid a taboo word or topic / to refrain from / to avoid
诿 tuī wěi to decline / to avoid / shirking responsibilities / to blame others / to pass the buck / to unload one's responsibilities / to try to get out of a task
 bì ràng to avoid / to yield (in traffic) / to get out of the way
 zǒu bì to run away / to escape / to avoid
 miǎn to excuse sb / to exempt / to remove or dismiss from office / to avoid / to avert / to escape / to be prohibited
 bì to avoid / to shun / to flee / to escape / to keep away from / to leave / to hide from
 duǒ to hide / to dodge / to avoid
 bì king / monarch / to enlist / to repel / to avoid
 juān chú to reprieve / to avoid / to redeem
 jiě miǎn to avoid (difficulties) / to open up a siege
 bì ér bù to avoid (doing sth)
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