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 zhà piàn to defraud / to swindle / to blackmail
 dào yòng to embezzle / to defraud / to use illegitimately / to misappropriate
 zuò jiǎ to counterfeit / to falsify / to cheat / to defraud / fraudulent / to behave affectedly
 zuò shǒu jiǎo to defraud / to rig up (a scam)
 é zhà to extort under false pretenses / to blackmail / to bluff / to defraud
 zhà qǔ to swindle / to defraud
 kuāng piàn to defraud / to swindle
 zhà lǐng to defraud / to obtain by fraud / to embezzle / fraudulent
 zhuàn hǒng to cheat / to hoodwink / to defraud
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