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 huà jiě to dissolve / to resolve (contradictions) / to dispel (doubts) / to iron out (difficulties) / to defuse (conflicts) / to neutralize (fears)
 dǎ xiāo to dispel (doubts, misgivings etc) / to give up on
怀 shì huái to release (tension) / relief (from suspense) / to dispel (usu. with negative, unable to forget)
 qū chú to drive off / to dispel / to expel
 xiāo jiě to eliminate / to dispel / resolution
 qū chú to dispel / to clear
 pái qiǎn to divert oneself from (loneliness, grief etc) / to dispel (negative thoughts etc)
 bīng shì to dispel (enmity, misunderstandings etc) / to vanish (of misgivings, differences of opinion) / thaw (in relations)
 xiāo shì to dispel (doubts) / to clear up (misunderstanding)
 sàn to scatter / to break up (a meeting etc) / to disperse / to disseminate / to dispel / (coll.) to sack
 qiǎn to dispatch / to send / to dispel
 pì to open (a door) / to open up (for development) / to dispel / to refute / to repudiate
 qū sacrifice to drive away calamity / to dispel / to drive away / to remove
 yì sàn to vaporize / to dispel
 shì chú to dispel (doubts)
 qū lí to drive away / to dispel
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