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 chū xiàn to appear / to arise / to emerge / to show up
 zhǎn xiàn to come out / to emerge / to reveal / to display
 chéng xiàn to appear / to emerge / to present (a certain appearance) / to demonstrate
 lái de to emerge (from a comparison) / to come out as / to be competent or equal to
 fú xiàn to appear before one's eyes / to come into view / to float into appearance / to come back (of images from the past) / to emerge / it emerges / it occurs (to me that..)
 fàn qǐ to appear / to emerge / to surface
 fú chū to emerge
 fú qǐ to float / to emerge
 méng dòng to sprout / (fig.) to emerge
 chū liè (military) to leave one's place in the ranks / to fall out / (fig.) to emerge / to become prominent
 mào tóu to emerge / to crop up / a little more than
 chū lù to emerge
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