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 kāi chú to expel (a member of an organization) / to fire (an employee)
 qū zhú to expel / to deport / banishment
 zhú chū to expel / to evict / to drive out
 qū chú to drive off / to dispel / to expel
 chú míng to strike off (the rolls) / to remove from a list / to expunge / to expel
 gé chú to eliminate / to expel / to abolish
 gé animal hide / leather / to reform / to remove / to expel (from office)
 hōng explosion / bang / boom / rumble / to attack / to shoo away / to expel
 qū to expel / to urge on / to drive / to run quickly
 chì to blame / to reprove / to reprimand / to expel / to oust / to reconnoiter / (of territory) to expand / saline marsh
 niǎn to expel / to oust / (dialect) to chase after / to try to catch up with
 chù to dismiss from office / to expel
 bìn to reject / to expel / to discard / to exclude / to renounce
 qū zhú chū jìng to deport / to expel
 niǎn chū to expel / to drive out / to oust
 gé chū to expel / to kick out
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