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 fā fàng to provide / to give / to grant
 fā gěi to issue / to grant / to distribute
 cì yǔ to grant / to bestow
 zhǔn xǔ to allow / to grant / to permit
 zhǔn yǔ to grant / to approve / to permit
 gěi yǐ to give / to grant
 zèng yǔ to give a present / to accord (a favor) / to grant
 shī to grant / to give / to bestow / to act / to carry out
 fēng to confer / to grant / to bestow a title / to seal / classifier for sealed objects, esp. letters
 xī tin (chemistry) / to bestow / to confer / to grant / Taiwan pr. [xi2]
 cì to confer / to bestow / to grant
 gào to enjoin / to grant (a title)
 shī yǔ to donate / to give / to grant / to distribute / to administer
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