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 yù variant of 愈[yu4] / to heal
 yù hé to heal / to fuse
 liáo shāng healing / to heal / to make healthy again
 fēng kǒu to close up / to heal (of wound) / to keep one's lips sealed
 fǔ píng to flatten / to smooth down / to unwrinkle / (fig.) to soothe (emotional wounds) / to heal (scars)
 liáo yǎng to get well / to heal / to recuperate / to convalesce / convalescence / to nurse
 shōu kǒu to cast off (in knitting) / to sew a finishing hem / to close up (of wound) / to heal
 chōu to convalesce / to recover / to heal
 yù to heal
 liáo yù to heal / therapy
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