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 jiā jù to intensify / to sharpen / to accelerate / to aggravate / to exacerbate / to embitter
 qiáng huà to strengthen / to intensify
 shēn huà to deepen / to intensify
 jiā jǐn to intensify / to speed up / to step up
 shēng wēn to become hot / temperature rise / (fig.) to intensify / to hot up / to escalate / to get a boost
 bái rè huà to turn white-hot / to intensify / to reach a climax
 biàn běn jiā lì lit. change to more severe (idiom) / to become more intense (esp. of shortcoming) / to aggravate / to intensify
 jiān ruì huà to intensify / to become acute / to come to a head
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