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 nuó yòng to shift (funds) / to (legitimately) take funds set aside for one purpose in order to use them for another / to embezzle / to misappropriate
 dào yòng to embezzle / to defraud / to use illegitimately / to misappropriate
 dào qǔ to steal (including identity theft, credit card fraud or theft of computer account) / to misappropriate
 zhōng bǎo to embezzle / to misappropriate / to line one's pockets with public funds
 sī tūn to misappropriate (public funds etc) / to embezzle
 guǎi to turn (a corner etc) / to kidnap / to swindle / to misappropriate / walking stick / crutch / seven (used as a substitute for 七[qi1])
 tān zhàn to misappropriate
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