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 xuǎn zé to select / to pick / choice / option / alternative
 zhāi to take / to borrow / to pick (flowers, fruit etc) / to pluck / to select / to remove / to take off (glasses, hat etc)
 jiǎn to choose / to pick / to sort out / to pick up
 qiā to pick (flowers) / to pinch / to nip / to pinch off / to clutch / (slang) to fight
 xuǎn zhòng to choose / to pick / to settle upon / to decide upon a candidate / to be selected for some role
 zhāi xià to take off / to remove (one's hat, a door from its hinges etc) / to pick (a piece of fruit from a tree etc) / (sports) to pick off (a rebound etc)
 dān tiāo to pick / to choose / to fight a duel
 cǎi zhāi to pluck / to pick
 xiāng zhòng to find to one's taste / to pick (after looking at) / Taiwan pr. [xiang4 zhong4]
 lín xuǎn to pick / to choose / to select
 zhēn xuǎn to select / to pick
 xié qǔ to pick / to select / to take / to capture (data) / to acquire / to pick up (a signal)
 xuǎn to choose / to pick / to select / to elect
 tiāo to carry on a shoulder pole / to choose / to pick / to nitpick
 bá to pull up / to pull out / to draw out by suction / to select / to pick / to stand out (above level) / to surpass / to seize
 tī to scrape the meat from bones / to pick (teeth etc) / to weed out
 xián to pull out (esp. hair or feathers) / to pick / to pluck / fig. to extract (lines from a text)
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