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退 tuì xiū to retire / retirement (from work)
 chū jú to send off (player for a foul) / to knock out (i.e. to beat in a knock-out tournament) / to eliminate / to call out / to kill off / to pull out of (a competition) / to retire (a runner in baseball) / out (i.e. man out in baseball)
 lí zhí to retire / to leave office / to quit a job
退 tuì xià to retire / to withdraw / to retreat / to step down
 lí xiū to retire / to leave work and rest (euphemism for compulsory retirement of old cadres)
 chè zǒu to retire / to remove / to withdraw / to evacuate
退 yǐn tuì to retire (from society, esp. from politics) / to vanish
 liǎn jì to refrain / to give up evil (temporarily) / to cover one's traces / to lie low / to retire (from view)
退 tuì rèn to retire / to leave one's position
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