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 jiě chú to remove / to sack / to get rid of / to relieve (sb of their duties) / to free / to lift (an embargo) / to rescind (an agreement)
 jiě gù to fire / to sack / to dismiss / to terminate employment
 miǎn zhí to relieve sb of his post / to sack / to demote / dismissal / sacking
 chè zhí to eliminate / to sack / to remove from office
 jiě pìn to dismiss an employee / to sack
 jiě zhí to dismiss from office / to discharge / to sack
 gé zhí to sack / to remove from a position / to depose
 lǔ lu:è to loot / to pillage / to sack
 sàn to scatter / to break up (a meeting etc) / to disperse / to disseminate / to dispel / (coll.) to sack
 miǎn qù zhí wù to relieve from office / to sack
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